Sunday, December 04, 2016

BC bowling in Detroit

As predicted by most, BC will play Maryland in the Quick Lane Bowl December 26 in Detroit. While technically this game doesn't share the same official legacy of the previous bowls in Detroit, this is basically the same game. It is the same stadium (Ford Field) and the same date after Christmas. BC will face old ACC foe Maryland. There is nothing particularly exciting about this game, location or matchup, but that's fine. BC just needs to win and this game is very winnable.

The Terps open as slight favorites. But neither of their units are especially strong (93rd in Offense, 80th in Defense). If BC can play like they did against Wake and NC State, they win. If BC's D struggles...well we know how that goes.

The game is at 2:30 PM. I know some of you will be back in the office, but I imagine many BC fans will be able to watch. I doubt many will travel, but for those who do, buy your tickets through BC.

I hope the players are excited. This has been an frustrating and disappointing season. A win here would be a slight bit of redemption.

There will be plenty more bowl coverage in the coming weeks. I know no one wanted to be 6-6 and in a meaningless bowl, but at least we have one more BC game. That's always a good thing.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Detroit is a wonderful city. I have always dreamed of going there.

BCballer said...

Members of Detroit-area Boys' and Girls' Clubs will truly regret being underprivileged when they are tagged with tickets to this beauty from BC's allotment.

Go Eagles!

Geezer eagle said...

Detroit? The place looks like bombed-our Berlin after WWII. The weather will be equivalent to Siberia, and you will need to hire personal security Just to get out alive.
Maryland? Aren't they 5-7 and barely above Rutgers? Who the hell cares about this game?

JERZeagle said...


just wanted to bump the "10 silver linings of the season" from that poster in the other thread:

Blogger ReiDaDor said...
Mod..I think anyone that thinks a recruit is going to base his decision on what a bunch of no nothing blowhards say on a blog is a joke in itself. It's nice though that you think a recruit would actually care about what you say though..some positives..
1. Their record improved from last year
2. They made a bowl which didn't happen last year
3. Jeff Smith converted nicely to WR and improved as the year went on
4. Other younger WR' s also improved over the course of the year
5. Identified some younger talent on defense that got a solid year of experience and will be back better, stronger, faster next year
6. Finally found somebody that can consistently kick a football through the uprights
7. Won 2 ACC games (won zero last year)

Those are a few positives but I know that is nowhere near what you want. We aren't consistently out recruiting and beating Alabama, OSU and Clemson every year so go ahead and fire away about what a joke the program is..maybe someday your dreamworld might become a reality!

Knucklehead said...

The kicking game did improve.

mod34b said...

This is quite a match up. Quite a time and quite a destination.

Two teams that can't compete in their own leagues Both lost to every winning team they faced and were both blown out by league elites. . Both with Records of 6-6.

Against conference opponents BC has the worst - #128 - in the FBS nation. Maryland is in bottom 100.

It is to be the true shit bowl on a Monday afternoon in Detroit, the perfect spot. What a joke. And too think Daz is bragging about this bowl and this year. He will say anything. GTFOOMAM

HOW. W 52-13
@FIU. W 41-14
@UCF W 30-24
PUR W 50-7
@PSU. L 38-14
MINN L31-10
MSUW 28-17
@INDL 42-36
@MICHL 59-3
OSU L62-3
@NEB L 28-7
RUTG W 31-13

Beat Howard, FIU, UCF, Purdue, Mich state, Rutgers

Crushed by MIch, OSU, PSU , Neb

BC sagarin rank 80
MD sagarin rank 69

BC CBS rank 71
MD CBS rank 65

ReiDaDor said...

Thanks for pushing my "10 Silver Linings" from the season JERZeagle! I'm sure I will get a lot of positive feedback and support on all of those! hahaha! You can pencil in a bowl win and a 7-6 record as a couple more silver linings if BC can win this very winnable game!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

All needing a bowl game:

mod34b said...

Jerz. Agree that comments in a pissant blog mean zip. Recruits should not care.

As to your list of positives. Thanks for the try. Rei-la-la ran away. (Suspected no-follow through millennial)

My replies

1. Their record improved from last year ......

......But the team was worse. 128/128 in total offense in conference play. Last in ACC in many categories. Defense regressed significantly - see 4 of worst blowouts ever all in 2016. Team less respected than ever before in ACC and FBS. If 2015 was somehow an "aberration " (it was not) 2016 is proof that BC football is structurally unsound and - presently - a failed program. Change is desperately needed

2. They made a bowl which didn't happen last year.......

........Bowl is a joke. You sound like Daz .......

3. Jeff Smith converted nicely to WR and improved as the year went on......

....Really. This is one of your items? I don't even think it's true or meaningful if true ....

4. Other younger WR' s also improved over the course of the year......

.......Omg. Like stone-hands Walker?.....

5. Identified some younger talent on defense that got a solid year of experience and will be back better, stronger, faster next year......

...... solid year?? See blow out loses. D can not compete at ACC level Last year D could .....

6. Finally found somebody that can consistently kick a football through the uprights .....

.....yes! ......

7. Won 2 ACC games (won zero last year)

...... ok. That a little something, but really not worth a bucket of spit because 2016 showed BC can't compete in ACC. Easily our worst year in ACC. No one respects BC. No one. ......


Ps. Anything positive to add about recruits? BC is last in ACC for second straight year and recruits are decommitting. This is a good indication that recruits lack confidence in Daz. - as well they should

John said...

This head coach directed the last game just like the first. Not very impressive, and no development to speak of.

ReiDaDor said...

Hey Mod, that posting was mine that he posted from the other thread so in fact I did not "run away" as you like to say...Thanks for your thoughts though..You have good arguments on all I will admit, I'm just trying my best to be positive which is a foreign concept here I know...

ReiDaDor said...

"no follow through millennial"... So Mod, does your lack of awareness and attention to detail make you a "clueless, I know everything even though I've got my head up my ass" baby boomer? just curious...

Max said...

I watch Daz on Sports Final on Boston's WBZ last night. Burton was a kiss ass and acted like Daz was coach of the year for coming back and winning last 2 games. Daz was his usual carnival barker best. Daz looked like a man that dodged a bullet and was on a "thank you" tour. I don't know how he believes himself anymore. My favorite things were .... we can build on this, the program is in a good place, everyone did a great job this year. I would give Daz 2 minutes in a real program pressure cooker environment with his crap.

ReiDaDor said...

Hahahaha...I saw that also Max! Great stuff!

NEDofSavinHill said...

This bowl should be named the flat tire bowl because the Eagles and Terps led the country in blowouts. The 2016 defense was decidedly inferior to 2015. The offense was just as bad as the year before. In 2015 they averaged nine points per game in ACC play. In 2016 they average twelve. Combined over the last two years they put up 10.5 points in conference play. Probably the worst stretch in history. A clean sweep is required. Drain the swamp.

ReiDaDor said...

There is a saying in sports, not sure if any of you have ever heard it, that goes..."just win baby"...we can argue all day about the stats and how they won ugly and lost even uglier but at the end of the day they won 6 games and made a bowl. If they had only won 2 games EVERYBODY would have been losing their minds how it should have been a easy six win season and they failed to do that. Here we are sitting at six wins and hopefully will win a 7th yet it isn't good enough. I will be the first to admit that the play was god awful at times this year and there needs to be SIGNIFICANT improvement in all aspects of play but it boils down to winning games and they won six and made a bowl. Last year they won three games (Maine, Howard and N. Illinois). Whether you are satisfied with the product on the field or not, we have to take some satisfaction with the fact we won six games and made a bowl as it could have been a lot worse.

Hario said...

"It could have been a lot worse" - is never that comforting.

I don't want to speak for rest of commentators, but I am looking at this as an audit of the state of the program and based on the performance this year - it wasn't good enough and continuing down the path looks to be disastrous.

The argument for Just Win works a lot better for a 10 team win going to a major bowl game where such excitement would overlook trying to assess the state of the program

In looking at the state of the program, we may have gone 6-6 this year but Id argue were more competitive last year (due 100% to our Defense which took a major step back this year) Despite losing 9 games last year - they never got blown out and had chances to win.

This year was not the same story. And remember this is Year 4 of the Daz Regime - I don't see how you can look at the trend lines and think everything is sunshine and roses.

FPI rankings of of our 4 OOC wins this year

Buffalo - 127/128
UMass - 118/128
Uconn - 110/128
Wagner - FCS school

Again this is year 4 - and there i think legitimate argument they have taken steps backwards in years 3 and 4 compared to 1 and 2

The team was straight up unwatchable at times this year. And now looking at next year's schedule and the team and thinking they will probably win 4 games? -- I am not sure what I am suppose to be excited about.

ReiDaDor said...

Again, all strong arguments Hario, hard to argue against what you are saying. Honestly, for me the success or failure of this team now and next year is all based on the offensive line. If they can field a strong, heck not even strong, just competent offensive line everything will improve. Even with an average QB I think with a serviceable offensive line we will be able to run the ball and complete some passes and be competitive. Those simple tasks were extremely difficult this year more often than not. With no offensive line unfortunately we've now seen the result.....

JBQ said...

Christmas in Detroit sort of takes your breath away. It is Bing Crosby in Vermont all over again.

mod34b said...

rei-la-la -- "we have to take some satisfaction with the fact we won six games and made a bowl as it could have been a lot worse."

we do?

no we don't and I don't.

but I am assuming your post is just a "stir the pot" kinda post because noboy can seriously be satisfied with Daz's 2016 record. That was really horrible football to watch.

ReiDaDor said...

not stirring the pot at all Mod and no you don't have to take any satisfaction, that is your right. I can't argue that at times, too many times, the football was horrible to watch..

BCAlum2000 said...

BC vs. OOC Opponents - UMASS, Wagner, Buffalo, UConn
Record: 4-0
Combined Score: 133-17 (Average Score: 33-4)

BC vs. Mediocre/Bad ACC Opponents - GT, Syracuse, NC State, Wake Forest
Record: 2-2
Combined Score: 72-73 (Average Score: 18-18)

BC vs. Ranked Opponents - VT, Clemson, Louisville, Clemson
Record: 0-4
Combined Score: 31-202 (Average Score: 8-51)

Maryland vs. OOC Opponents - Howard, FIU, UCF
Record: 3-0
Combined Score: 123-51 (Average Score: 41-17)

Maryland vs. Mediocre/Bad Big 10 Opponents - Purdue, Minnesota, Michigan St, Indiana, Rutgers
Record: 3-2
Combined Score: 155-110 (Average Score: 31-22)

Maryland vs. Ranked Opponents - Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska
Record: 0-4
Combined Score: 27-187 (7-47)

Hmmm, anyone else notice a pattern/similarity ...

notfadeaway said...

I'm surprised this article didn't give a plug for Daz like the last few.

Guido said...

ReiDaDor - what is your major point ??? Are you saying that you have faith in Addazio and that he is/was a good hire (that deserved an extension) that will lead BC to success in the future ?? Do you live local and have you ever had season tickets . I would just love to get an honest profile of "Who you are ???". Did you graduate from BC and what year - try to be forthright !!!

Big Jack Krack said...

BC2000 - Good post for quick reference. Thanks.

These stats should be shouted out and passed on to the media every time there is a puff piece.

I was at the first game in Dublin (17 to 14 GT) and at the last game in Winston Salem (17 to 14 BC against WF).

The similarities were amazing. Addazio played "not to lose" both times. He got away with the last one and shouldn't have, and of course didn't get away with it in the first one.

Quick takeaways:

Nothing changed in 12 games - same approach.
No improvement.
Games were close to unwatchable from BC offensive perspective.
Addazio's approach is out-dated and unrealistic.
Addazio doesn't know how to bleed the clock once he gets the lead (hate that anyway) with RRR up the middle, P. Might as well take a knee 3 times.
This offense has no chance against the elite teams in the ACC - ever!
Every game against mediocre opponents will be a sweat.
That will be obvious to the new AD.
We are in a holding pattern until there is a change.
I feel bad for our players, who deserve an offensive plan to score points and win.
Unwelcoming atmosphere at home games plus unwatchable game plans = more apathy going forward. This really is a huge issue.
What kind of President tolerates this?

We could add many more.

How many people think Loeffler would have put up 35 points and driving for another score at the end of the game against Clemson in a championship game?

we are - BC! - holding pattern, holding pattern!

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod has probably posted this already, but let's revisit.

Next year could be worse - if you can believe it.

Losses, whether home or away - the Elite = 4
Hate to say it, but probably ND at Alumni = 1
NC State, WF, Syracuse, Virginia = (probably at least) 2
N. Illinois, Central Michigan UConn = probable wins? Maybe?

This is a 5 year rebuild - Steve Addazio.

"We'll be good this year, but better next year" - Brad Bates, Dublin Ireland before the first game.

Year 5 projection:

5 wins 7 losses, including 4 more blow-outs.

We are - BC! holding pattern, holding pattern.

bceagle93 said...

Maybe I am changing course a bit, but I am willing to suppress my feelings of acrimony, nausea, and disappointment for a bit to cheer the guys on in the bowl game and root for the victory. I think we need to remember these are college kids who, through no fault of their own, have been dealt a crappy hand on the head coaching side of things. They are sacrificing their time (including their Christmas) preparing to do their best for a "W" for our alma mater. I think the least we can do is put our negativity aside for the next few weeks for their sakes until the final whistle blows.

Doesn't change how I feel about Daz, Bates or the situation. Bye Felicia.

TC for HC & AD in 2017

Geezer eagle said...

My real concern is recruiting. If we are dead last on the ACC as Mod indicates, dazoshit will have destroyed this program for the remainder of the decade.can this self-important blow-heart do anything right?

ReiDaDor said...

Hey Guido...if you haven't figured out my point yet then I'm sorry. Have I ever stated that I have "faith" in Addazio and he deserved an extension? Have I ever stated that I believe he is the one to lead us to success in the future? Fucking read my posts guy for God's sake!! My point, if you will, is I have a problem with fans bashing the players who are working their balls off to give you blowhards a product they can be proud of! Go drown in your own pity party that they haven't lived up to your expectations! Are you going to run a background check on me? Have I lived in the Boston area? When did I go to the University? Have I ever had season tickets? Seriously guy? Is that relevant? No I didn't go to BC and no I haven't lived in the Boston area so I guess am I not allowed to be a fan huh? Well guess what I am a fan and I will keep on being a fan so deal with it or is that not allowed according to BC alumni? Only if you went to the University or are from Boston can you have a say in the matter? I'm sorry for violating your sacred protocol...sometimes a difference of opinion is good for people....

well said bceagle93...that will be too difficult for most people here to do unfortunately...

mod34b said...

Rei - I think its wonderful you are a non-alum fan. Bravo..... I know there are a bunch of fans from St. joseph's in philly, Sacred Heart and Farifield in Ct, St Anselm in NH that luv BC football. Luv you passion, but often hate your views!! Ha

I am sure lots of non Catholic schools too.,

That is terrific. Glad you are a fan.....

ps. nobody calls BC "the University"...

mod34b said...

heck I'd even take an ND graduate as a fan with one condition: that he publicly denounces ND football and its fans (the rest of ND is great)

ReiDaDor said...

Thanks Mod, I appreciate it! We don't have to agree on everything but there is one thing we can be clear on, I detest ND football and it's fans more than anything in this world...I love BC and what it has stood for over the years, praying the program can get back to respectability!

Geezer eagle said...

Rei consider yourself awarded an honorary degree from BC in sports management. Welcome aboard.

Big Jack Krack said...

BC93 - I'm with you. "They are sacrificing their time (including their Christmas) preparing to do their best for a "W" for our alma mater. I think the least we can do is put our negativity aside for the next few weeks for their sakes until the final whistle blows."

I truly believe our players are capable of not only winning this game, but breaking out some new looks to put some points on the board - many more than we are averaging in league play.

I think we're capable of hanging 35 points on Maryland (with all due respect - just rooting for our guys).

Come on coaches, bring out the Bowl Mentality and try some new stuff and let Patrick Towles take on the role of graduate assistant coach for this one.

Go BC - beat Maryland.

Thank you for your extra effort for our school and for our recruiting endeavors.

We know you can do it!

ReiDaDor said...

Thank you Georgia Eagle, I'm honored to be amongst you! Sports Management, hahaha, I like it...

Lenny Sienko said...

No one here wants to see BC teams win more than I do. I have never criticized any of the young people who play for BC and never will. It was a very long time ago; but I still remember what it was like being at the Heights at that age. I hope they demolish Maryland and make their families and BC very proud.

The adults who have brought about the current said state of BC football and men's basketball are, however, fair game for comment.

I must confess that I have been uncertain about Fr. Leahy's attitude toward collegiate athletics, since his arrival on campus from Marquette, a school with no football program. In fairness, it would have been difficult for any leader to match Fr. Monan's devotion to BC sports. He loved attending the games and participating with the BC community. If he would do it, I'd turn the search for a new AD over to Fr. Monan in a heartbeat.

Make no mistake, we need a new AD soonest. The current downtrodden posture and losing attitude of our programs are a direct result of Mr. Bates' inability to cope with the requirements of his position. He and his MAC mentality have to go now. It would not hurt to have someone with BC roots and connections to take the position. Why do the President and BOT think they have to to go outside our BC family for an AD.? We have many grads who have made successful careers in sports management and related fields.

I was against the hiring of DAZ. I didn't believe his line of patter when Fr. Leahy jammed him into place and I am more convinced than ever that he has to go if BC is to return to respectability on the gridiron. We cannot attract recruits or spectators with the boring, in flexible, antiquated offensive system that is DAZ. He should be terminated now and Barry Gallup or Coach P asked to finish the season. Instead we are treated to a "victory" tour from someone who does not deserve it. DAZ can console himself with cash and his next "dream job" elsewhere.

Please PTB do not inflict another year of DAZ on us.

ReiDaDor said...

One thing that I have come to learn from you guys is the apparent complete disregard for the sports programs there within the BC hierarchy and Fr. Leahy. To me that is absolutely where the problem starts and then it just trickles down from there. Without the support and 100% backing of the administration to field competitive teams this problem will only get worse. It's one thing to have some bad years but at least if you have an administration that is committed to getting better and being competitive you have some hope for the future. The picture you all paint with regards to Fr. Leahy and his attitude towards BC athletics does not give anyone a lot of hope. That is really discouraging...

JBQ said...

The strange issue is the dichotomy between football, basketball and hockey, soccer. The difference is "night and day". The "Duke of York" and Gene Kelly's brother have it going right. Why? Football and basketball are a mess. Neither can recruit. BC is a great school and ranked something like 29 among universities even without an engineering school. There is just no way that the great black athlete wants to study at BC. How the French School does it is hard to believe. Basketball should recruit overseas like another Jesuit school at Gonzaga. It looks like BC has seen the light and the first foreign recruit is on campus. Christian is showing signs of righting a sinking ship. It will be a long process. Someone like Jared Dudley should be asked for advice. Playing at Barclays is actually a start. Football is another story. Not even Rich Gunnell can put his fingers in all of the leaks in the dike. Contrary to popular belief, football does not "wag the dog" at BC or does it? Fencing, field hockey, swimming, and volleyball are all important. You can play tennis for life. Just ask Cool Hand Luke how his head feels and if he is going to make it to 30 from 25.

John said...

Speaking of Luke Kindly, what have we heard? I know that was/is a bad injury, and his second such injury.

Seriously, he might/should consider retirement from the game. He is such a tough competitor and so good, that it's only a matter of time before another terrible blow to the head.

Go Luke! Get better and make the right decision for your own future.

John said...

Stupid auto correct.

mod34b said...

Jack, it was a kindly error and actually a good name for mr K

JBQ. C'mon.

Check out our government's demographic stats at

Flexman said...

Should be a pretty boring game by two pretty boring teams. MD can run the ball. Ty Johnson is an explosive runner. Their passing game is pathetic with Hill as their QB.
That being said I still expect MD to win the game. BC can neither pass or run.