Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dillon's commitment is a big deal

Massachusetts' top recruit is headed to Boston College. Steve Addazio and Company were able to flip Running Back AJ Dillon from Michigan back to New England. This had been rumored for a few weeks, as Dillon became more engaged with BC players on social media. In addition to Addazio's sales pitch was the fact that Michigan wouldn't guarantee him a spot at Running Back and left open the option of moving Dillon to Linebacker. Regardless of how it came together, closing on Dillon is a big deal.

Who knows if Dillon will live up to the hype? (He is coming off an injury.) What does matter is that BC's sales pitch worked on an elite recruit. In the past, some BC staffs would have given up on the running back. Plus there remains a lingering belief that elite New England recruits need to leave the area and only the "B" players go to BC. Dillon helps change that narrative. He also shows that recruits are buying into Addazio's turning the corner pitch.

Dillon might not be the only elite guy the staff flips. Tennessee verbal CJ Lewis is also supposedly interested in staying in the area. The Connecticut QB would be a huge pick up and provide some more depth at the position.

Addazio is never going to X & O us to success, but maybe he can still raise the talent level enough that we become consistent winners again.


Unknown said...

This is really good news. I just want to offer my opinion on how it may have come together: AJ's high school head football coach might have had meaningful influence in causing Dillon to rethink his decision and flip to BC.

Paul Zukauskas enters his Fifth season as the head football coach of the Spartans. Coach “Z”, along with his very experienced football staff, pride themselves on developing football players through fundamentals as well as creating a “team first” environment. Paul is a member of the American Football Coaches Association along with serving as a NFL ambassador to the “Heads Up” football initiative. Paul prides himself in knowing the latest football techniques and drills to allow for a safe and fulfilling football experience.

Paul came from Boston College where he was part of the football coaching staff that guided the team to two postseason bowl appearances. Coach Zukauskas worked on the defensive side of the ball where the BC Defense Ranked #1 in the ACC in total Defense and #1 nationally in run defense. Paul also did his undergraduate work at BC, earning his BA in communications in 2001. As an undergraduate at BC, Paul was a standout on the football team where he was elected Captain and named 1st Team All-American his senior year. Paul went on to play four seasons in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns before he had a career-ending injury in 2005 with the San Francisco 49ers.

mod34b said...


CT said...

David and Paul are apparently really good friends. David enjoyed his job as Paul's resume writer. David thinks Coach Paul is a great person. David knows all of Paul's details. David almost gave out Paul's social security number. David likes seeing Paul's innovation and team-first approach to the game of football. Bravo, Dave. Paul would be most proud.

knucklehead said...

Mentioned Zuks yesterday. You are welcome. Sounds like you pulled that off his employers website.

Psyched about getting Dillon.

Need to "flip" some linemen. O and interior D stat.

Unknown said...

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mod34b said...

david, thanks for your interesting comment. the bc connection must have been the difference. Sounds likes zukauskas could be in the mix for some coaching duties in chestnut hill soon.

(ignore the resident bad boy and that other guy.)

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

stats of the day -- D

BC total D vs FBS teams; 2016#12; 2015 #5 pretty good
BC scoring D vs FBS teams: 2016 43; 2015 #9. Big slip in 2016 D

BC total D vs FBS with "non-winning record" - 2016 - #2; 2015 #2 - we own the bad teams
BC scoring D vs FBS with "non-winning record" - 2016 - #5; 2015 #6 -

but then there is this

BC total D vs FBS with "winning record" - 2016 - #50; 2015 #8 - we are the bad team

BC total D vs FBS with "winning record" - 2016 - #106; 2015 #4 - BC can't compete vs winning teams

The D really went down hill vs good teams. #106 is scoring D from #4 for teams with winning FBS records??? That is nuts

But Maryland ain't so good... we'll see

EL MIZ said...

David - LOL. great "breakdown" of Coach Z. would love to have him back on the Heights - maybe Daz could bring him back as an assistant.

Knucklehead said...

He was GA. He ain't coming back unless it is an oc or head coach.

He runs the show up there admissions director and hc.

notfadeaway said...

This is lipstick on a pig. This man Addazio cannot win. He is not a good coach. He is out coached every game he plays in. #firedazimmediatelyifnotsooner

downtown_resident said...

I'm happy to upgrade the talent on the team, but let's not get carried away.

Even with the Dillon commitment, the average Rivals star rating of BC's recruiting class-- 2.42-- is still the lowest in the Power 5. A commitment from Lewis (a three-star with Power 5 offers from Tennessee and BC) might lift us out of dead last. It's great to get a four-star player, but to put that in perspective, all but eight Power 5 schools have at least one four-star player in their 2017 recruiting classes.

I'm just looking forward to beginning to turn the page on the current state of things with the new athletic director we keep hearing about.

Knucklehead said...

I just looked up Lawrence academy. That asshole pulled that right from the fucking website. Knew it.

Modular I have forgotten more than you will ever know. Idiot.

mod34b said...

Thanks Bad Boy

Knucklehead said...


Knucklehead said...

"If I have a foul mouth then you have a pig face."

What movie?

Geezer eagle said...

Mod and Knucklehead, you two kids need to start playing nice or you are getting coal in your stockings.

Max said...

4-5 star recruits with bad coaching = wins against Wagner, UMass, Buffalo et al.

Daz should be fired. BC needs to grow a pair. Leah's should step down.

Clean house and start anew with people that actually care and are competent.

mod34b said...

Max. Exciting this kid joined

Now we gotta go find him a great coach who knows what an offense can do

Max said...

I hope they utilize the talent and not run up the middle 3 times and punt

Guido said...

How many scholarships does BC have remaining to award in the 2017 recruiting class??? I know that many talk about the need to get a few more quality O-Linemen in this class, but there is also a serious need for a "big" DT. Does any one have inside info on Landry staying or entering the draft ?? Or for that matter - solid leads on other recruits leaning toward BC ?? Thanks.

Knucklehead said...

Beverly Hills Cop

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