Monday, December 26, 2016

DLine saves the day in Detroit

The first half was nearly perfect. The second half was a heartburn inducing roller-coaster. At this point this is what we should expect as BC fans. But fortunately the DLine made some huge stops on Maryland's last possession to preserve the win.

I am happy we won and very happy for the seniors.

Addazio keeps pointing to Year 5 as the point where it all comes together. I hope this game serves as a spark. Right now it feels like Addazio is a 7-6 coach.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up Tuesday or Wednesday.


working rich said...

let's see what happens next year.

Realistically Daz is still gonna run the ball 3 times up the middle and the other team will get the ball

the have to step up the offense

Who will the QB be ?

can't have all those empty seats in Alumni Stadium and one cannot feel "good ' about beating Wagner.

John said...

I haven't seen the final stats yet, but we got only about 90 yards on offense in the second half.

Pitiful, after getting 250+ in the first half. It's Addazio's philosophy.

If not for the forced fumbles and recovery in the end zone, we lose this game due to 2 missed XP and 1 missed FG.

I hate how Addazio holds back his own players.

Big Jack Krack said...

That second half was pretty sad, offensively. We saw what we can do in the first half. Why would a head coach change up the entire approach and mindset in the second half?

A tale of 2 halves.

Great effort by our DLine.

Congratulations BC.

Unknown said...

A win is a win. Good way to end a frustrating year. Let's enjoy this and leave out the negative. Some how BC won 7 games. If you had told me that at beginning of season, I would have taken it after last years season. Hopefully we can build off this. Antonio brown looks to be the QB next year. A lot of hype hope he lives up to it. I heard Wade is transferring.
Happy new year
Go Eagles

John said...

Wade was never given a chance, even when we were getting blown out.

I thought Addazio was very unfair to him and I don't like the coach's style.

Geezer eagle said...

Except for the GT game, we won the games we should have won and got blown-out by the teams we should have lost to. Under dazoshit, we will never be more than a 500 team. Forget all aspirations for greatness.

John said...

I agree.

Big Ern said...

Georgia Eagle, sounds about right.

Unknown said...

You are absolutely correct. A win is a win, even ugly ones are, too. The was very excited and they don't care about negative comments posted on sports blogs. For proof, all fans need to do is look on the replay video at the smiles on the faces of the BC players when time expired.

After all the disappointments they have had over the past three years, tonight was special. They fought hard, they didn't quit and they won. Damn, our seniors are feeling great!

mod34b said...

The game was a microcosm of the season. Equal parts unexpected inspiration and the other part maddening ineptness and timidity.

First half was a blast. Loose. Let it hang out. Player responded. Second half play not to lose in mid 3Q. Players got tight. Maryland was inspired by Daz's waiving the losers flag and almost pulled off the big come back.

God is Daz awful. The second half is him and what we get next year. Sucks that e need to put up with this. Again.

UConn fired Diaco today. Yet BC dithers

Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

i regret not going to this game. If anything, the non-peace of mind of being assaulted and violated on the streets of Detroit is something some fellows yearn for, including this fool.

CT said...

Mod, almost all ur posts are shit. But ur last one is spot on. Merry Christmas

Geezer eagle said...

CT, you are the one who is full of shit. Mod's post are the most knowledgeable and insightful on here.

bceagle93 said...

Make no mistake, I am really happy for the players getting the win. Hard fought, never quit, and looked like they had a fun trip from what I saw on social media. Really well deserved.

That said, they also deserve a much better coach who knows how to win at the major conference level. Maryland was NOT a good team, and after a great first half, we should have been able to knock them out. He got out coached in the second half and basically held on for dear life for a close win.

These kids proudly represent a school who's motto is "Ever to Excel." We don't need any more proof that they need a coach that embodies that value as well. That's not being negative -- it's being true to our players, students and alumni.

Geezer eagle said...

Bravo. Well said, Eagle 93.

John said...

First half showed what our players are made of on offense. Let's hope our coaches can build on that, because our team can.

mod34b said...

Thanks GE and merry christmas to you.

Merry Christmas to CT too!

John said...
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John said...

Anyway, let's enjoy this. It has been awhile and I'm very happy for our players and all involved, really.

We have issues, but they can be fixed. Go BC. Ever to Excel in this regard means always play to win. ☺

Lenny Sienko said...

Congratulations to the players, especially the Seniors, and to the loyal BC fans who were able to attend the game.

What is so frustrating is that we could see flashes of what could be done with another head coach, with a different personality, and a modern offensive mind set.

The best example of DAZ's stubbornness without reason was his failure to allow Davon Jones carry the ball even one time. Hillman did his best but he has lost a step, probably due to injuries suffered under this system from overuse. He was tired and should have been spelled with another back. Willis ripped off two excellent change of pace runs and Jones could have done something similar when we needed to pick up yardage in the 2nd half.

I switched over to ESPN 3 to watch the awarding of the trophy and they interviewed DAZ, who emphasized for the second time this afternoon in an on-air interview how much he appreciated the support of the administration. He hit his "keep me" talking points like any over paid politician and projected confidence that his wonderful record 7-6; 7-6; 3-9; and 7-6, justified his continuing.

CT said...

GE, your 9:07 post is perfectly absurd. Like usual. Merry xmas.

CT said...

The inability to cater to any strength on offense is straight incompetence. This staff is quite literally incapable.

Willis was where? Jones? Sweeney is young but has potential. Smith can be used many ways, not just as a trick play. Towels won't be playing on Sundays, use him to wreck linebackers and DBs. This staff should be coaching on Friday nights, not Saturday.

JesusMaryandJoseph. What's to look forward to? Especially with a young QB.

Seniors are awesome.

Geezer eagle said...

Now CT, when you make sense, like your above post, I can compliment as well as reprimand. Consider yourself complimted. Your questioning of why talented players like Miles and Jones are under utilized is spot on.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Thank God they won because they almost gave it away. The missed PAT's were the worst. Congrats to the team and the seniors. I agree that Hilliman looked tired in the second half and Willis should have had more carries. Cannot understand why they did not see that. The biggest problem on the day was the inability of our defensive backs to look for the ball. Been a problem all year. Great effort by the DL - glad we get Merrit, Allen, Smith back and hopefully #7. Will greatly miss Johnson, Milano and Gutapfel. Have to give credit to Reid for some nice calls and credit to Towles for really giving it his best. The pass to Walker and Towles' reception were as sweet as it gets (although the defensive TD was a rare treat as well). Really like what we have in Walker and Sweeney. In the end - our OL was better than theirs. It all begins and ends on the OL.

mod34b said...

Correction NB: our DL was better than their OL - way better.

Our OL played well for 30 minutes and stunk in second half - in part because Daz telegraphed his play. Daz is as artless a coach as there is. #firedaz

I think BC gave up several big play scores because the defense was 'caught' gambling.

That final MD series with our DL mashing them was a thing of beauty.

JBQ said...

The "key play of the game". A tip of the hat to John Johnson. Just before the final Md field goal to make it 36-30, a Terp receiver was wide open in the end zone for a great pass. This was on second down. The ball was there but so was Johnson. The ball was in the hands of the receiver and Johnson hand fought him and hand fought him and then hand fought him some more until he dropped the ball. The d-line was great the entire game but for one "shining moment", it was "Johnnie on the spot". We also now have a new personality in Ray Smith. He made one hilarious play after another which were noted by the announcers who were quite good by the way. The high lighter was his pickup of the dead ball and running it the length of the field. Sure, he ran like a "moose with three legs" with his shirttail out but he came to play and made a number of note worthy game turners. It was nice to hear "For Boston" played with verge. In one instance, it was playing during a review of a touchdown. The ball was ruled short of the goal line. So on the next play, we got to hear it again. Paul Pasquzloni got kudos the entire game for his teaching of techniques to the O-line. It is obvious that Daz can't take them the next mile. There is just no way that you get rid of him now. He believes that Brown will be the next Tyler Murphy.

Unknown said...

Hopefully Landry stays for his senior year. Defensive line is going to be the best in college football next year if he does.

Big Jack Krack said...

The D Line preserved the win for sure. Go to the BC Official Site and check out the box score.

We had 35 plays in the second half for 93 yards. We got 82 of those yards on 4 plays and 31 plays resulted in 10 yards. I say again - 31 plays for 10 yards.

Without the Willis 40+ yard run, we ran 34 plays for about 50 yards. I'd like Addazio and Loeffler to stand in front of us and explain their thought process for that play calling - and try to sell us that it's the right thing to do.

This is what drives us crazy. I watched it in Dublin, Winston Salem and now again yesterday. Nothing changed from Game 1 to Game 13.

The second half offensive plan was horrible and all on Addazio - and the most maddening thing is that's the way he wants it. RRPP all the way, with slight variations.

I love that the players pulled it off in spite of their Head Coach. But they could have won by 3 or 4 touchdowns.

To play Addazio ball we need 4 and 5 star offensive linemen who weigh 325 and are mobile animals.

Go BC - thanks for the victory which resulted from a great first half and a great defensive play for a TD in the second half. Our offense was pitiful and disgraceful in the second half thanks to the Head Coach and an Offensive Coordinator who apparently lets the HC design the game plan.

Big Jack Krack said...

Watching the D Line was a blast. We will miss Kavalec, and Gutapfel very much - and maybe Landry. Those are big shoes to fill.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Congrats to the players. A good win over Maryland. Over the last two years BC's record against power 5 teams is 3-15. Not impressive. While the media heaps praise on Pasqualoni is it deserved? The D gave up 30 to the Terps. Against six teams this year, Maryland, Vt, FSU, Louisville, Syracuse and Clemson the D gave up an average of 44 points per game. Against all nine Power 5 teams they gave up 33. How many contests will one prevail in surrendering those numbers? Not many especially when you run a low scoring high school offense. Last years D under Brown and without Paz was much better. 2.NCST and BC won yesterday. The ACC is now a combined 11-4 vs. the SEC and Big10. The media will tell everyone that the SEC is superior and dominant. The clueless will fall for the hype. This year the numbers don't support the propaganda. Good win for b-ball over the Friars.

K-Man said...

Totally agree with Big Jack Krack - the play calling in the second half was awful. Especially the last two series where one first down would have ended the game. Instead we go into goal line offense with zero (ZERO!) WR in the game and run up the middle until we either fumble (second to last possession) or go 3 and out and punt (giving MD plenty of time to score).

The difference between 1:48 and no timeouts and one time out is negligible especially in college with the clock stopping on first downs. A decent high school coach calls at least one play action or roll out run/pass option or anything besides 3 runs up the middle... yet DAZ wants his D on the field at the end of the game. Such a loser mentality... sucks to be so upset after a win! #fireDAZ

No matter how well he does recruiting, his tough guy mentality and terribly predictable play calling will never work in the end.

If by some miracle we had beat GT at the start of the season, we would have been in a better bowl game against a decent team and lost most likely - so it was 7-6 either way.

downtown_resident said...

1. Very happy to win and end the season on a positive note. First bowl win since 2007 and first win over the B1G since that game against Michigan State.

2. How much do we miss playing Maryland? 7-2 against them since BC joined the ACC, and even Frank Spaziani managed to go 3-1 against the Terps. Swapping Louisville for Maryland seriously damaged BC's ability to ever win the division.

3. Agree with everything said about the second half. What made it more frustrating was that-- shame on me-- after the first half and Daz's halftime comments ("we need to come out with even more intensity...") I actually believed they might keep putting the pedal to the metal. Instead, we get 30 minutes of trying to run out the clock.

4. Did anyone else appreciate the irony of ESPN showing Myles Willis's 37.0 ypc stat and then turning back to the next two plays for the obligatory Hilliman runs-up-the-gut for two yards? The game was a cruel but fitting end to the career of one of the most criminally underused players I've ever seen come through BC.

5. ATL is this point, we know who Daz is. He is 24-27 at BC and 37-38 as a head coach. Right around a .500 coach. I am glad we're salvaging this awful recruiting class with the last couple commitments so there's some talent around for the next guy. I still say Daz goes 5-7 against the much tougher schedule next season and his (hopefully) new boss replaces him.

John said...
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John said...

Wake Forest looks like BC yesterday in the second half.

Unreal and pretty conservative playing not to lose.

Where does this foolishness come from with some coaches? I can't imagine Clemson, FSU, Louisville or VT scoring 31 points in the first half and running slow handoffs up the middle in the second half.

John said...

31 to 10 is now 31 to 23 with plenty of time for Temple to come back.

John said...

Great run back, 3 straight runs up the middle and FG to get it back to 8.

Let's see if it works. 34 to 26.

John said...

Temple pulled a Maryland. ☺ Congratulations to WF and the ACC.

mod34b said...

interesting to see why UConn reversed itself on Diaco. After season, AD decided not to fire him.

then he learned that Diaco refused to consider a high-level OC...(who was quickly hired by RU)

Diaco has had 3 lame OC in a row,but refused to get a real OC. He only wanted weakling coordinators. AD knew UConn was going nowhere with Diaco and he ACTED in the best interests of the University. --- firing weird bob.

Same applies to Daz . Loeffler is a lap dog who is obviously afraid of DAz.....a wimp coach if there ever was one. Loeffler has flashes of creativity....but the big bald prick squashes him....look at the second half of the Toilet Bowl.

when is that new AD arriving.... maybe he can put some nice, strategic handcuff on Daz when he arrives...