Monday, February 20, 2017

Bates officially out

The long-discussed and often rumored situation with Brad Bates is finally official. He will step down this summer when his contract ends. Per the BC release, he will go into consulting. I will have much more on this in the coming days, but Bates' tenure will go down as a failure. While he avoided scandal, his inability to adapt to the BC culture or establish a clear one of his own, his failure to raise significant money and his curious and questionable hiring decisions have led to this moment.

BC has a lot of options going forward. And while this is just officially news now, many of the candidates and players have known this was coming. It will be interesting to see who emerges. My guess is that BC will hire someone with clear ties to the school and a clear track record raising money.

Best of luck to Brad Bates. He seemed like a nice guy. Just the wrong one for this job. 


bceagle91 said...

I also wish him well. It's a tough job. You can afford a bad hire or two in sports that produce little to no revenue, but when it's your two biggest revenue sports, it's different. Let's see who we get to replace him. BC has gone through a few administrators over the years.

Shabby1011 said...

Bates clearly a good person and very well intentioned...just didn't work out

Critical critical hire..have to hope they hire the right consultant but I also hope they don't rely on them for entire hiring process..use them for the process/vetting candidates but ultimately they control the search

Have to hire someone who understands BC and this area. Boston tough town, need to try to promote BC in the city and fight for the athletic department & what its coaches need. Bates just never fit and not all his fault, that is what happens when you let search firm control entire process.

New AD has to have fund raising background and needs to immediately address coaching situations and facilities. IPF, baseball/softball fields, basketball practice facility, upgrades to Alumni. Has to hit the ground running and fast, lots to do.

mod34b said...

Excellent. and long, long over due. Bates was seemingly a nice man, with a nice hairdo, but ultimately was an empty suit. He accomplished virtually nothing, except kept his do well coiffed and did show up for a lot of games.

Bates is joining an athletic recruiting firm in charge of recruiting. OMG. CSA is the firm. don't use that one. or GDF's firm, or the firm that got BC Bates, Daz, Spaz, Donahue, JC.

I hope the BOT does not simply rely on some BS consultant. I hope there seriously consult with successful BC alums, especially former athletes.

bottom line: the need a hard-nosed AD who knows a lot about 2 things: winning and money. They can hire a good number 2 for all the other fluffy stuff...

Big Jack Krack said...

Just doodling and thinking that we can hire the right AD. Whether or not we do make the right hire is another question. Good luck, Brad. But............

I have enjoyed watching Georgia Tech rise back up with their new AD (GT grad Stansbury) and their new mens basketball coach. They were picked last in the ACC except for BC, of course, but with leadership and enthusiasm and an emphasis on defense and the positive, they are .500 in the league for the first time in 10 years and have an outside shot at making the NCAA Big Dance.

The Pavilion was sold out last night for their win over Syracuse. (I think they had about 8K for the BC game.) The fans are coming back because of the enthusiasm and hope brought forth by the AD leadership. Yes, enthusiasm is contagious. Their previous AD was like Brad Bates - I don't think he was comfortable in a city dominated by pro sports. Maybe he'll work out at Purdue, but GT/Atlanta didn't need such a guy.

Why can't BC do the same thing? Come on BC - Ever to Excel. Pick someone who bleeds Boston College and Boston; someone who understands the fan base and the media in the city and the difficulties, but who nevertheless can bring the base back together. Someone who can look into the camera and in so many different ways say "I'm one of you and we are going to bring back excitement and succeed together" for a competitive price. No B.S. - just good old fashioned hard work, hustle, honesty and so forth.

If I was younger, I'd put in for the job. :-) Roll up your sleeves, new AD - you've got a big mountain to climb - a big job - but guess what? It can be done!!!!! Go out and press the flesh, spread the news, spread the faith, go forth and multiply! :-)

In the Boston vernacular - Hey BC - "Cut the sh#t". Let's get this right.

With a new AD - Addazio and Christian are officially on notice.

Go BC.

Geezer eagle said...

I'm Italian but dancing an Irish jig at the news. Daz and JC soon to follow. YESS!

eagleboston said...

I'm officially nominating Sir Douglas Flutie, Earl of Natick!

Geezer eagle said...

Wouldn't that be awesome? But what are the chances ?

mod34b said...

Does Flutie have management and leadership skills? Besides announcing what sort of Mgt things has he done?

Nice name, but I'd like to see a successful CEO, COO type.

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, I think Flutie's super star status would help draw talent, both coaching and players.

mod34b said...

true GE, but I do not think he has ever managed a single employee. BCAD not the place to learn to manage.

Knucklehead said...

Don't be surprised if Chetty boy comes back.

Guido said...

Agree totally with your thoughts - Shabby1011 !!!! I am always concerned when I hear "Consulting Firm". Make sure that the parameters are set for this firm. Then this "Group" can do the "legwork" and vetting. Get intelligent well informed BC grads who understand the culture of not only BC , but the City of Boston as well to set the parameters of the search. Doug Flutie as a former athlete and local kid would be an ideal representative to serve on the internal committee. Then pursue other successful BC grads from other fields/ professions( finance etc.) to help direct and control the process. Needless to say , this next hire is CRITICAL and another mistake would spell "DOOM" for many years to come. Limit the role of the current BOD and Father Leahy since they have already demonstrated their ineptitude !!!!!!!!!

Max said...

It may work to have Flutie as the face of the AD and college but I think a nuts and bolts person would be needed to kick ass and get on correct track. Similar to "Cowboy Jack" as the face of football and Tom Coughlin offense nehimd the scenes. It would be a tough sell for both.

Geezer eagle said...

Max, you reinforced my point. Having Flutie ( a nationally renowned sports celebrity) as the face of Boston College will give our sports programs ( especially football) street cred. Then let a behind the scenes MBA person with experience in college sports run the nuts-and-bolts operation. This is analogous to the Executive Branch of the United States government.

Shabby1011 said...

Posted a list before and have updated slightly. Sounds like everyone in department knew this was coming since beginning of year. Have to think BC is far along in process and will be announcing new AD prior to May. We will see when they make announcement of timeline/process etc. Again I think this is most critical hire in BC athletic history.
IMHO candidate needs 4 qualities (no particular order):
- Connection/Understand BC & Boston - Bring back the Fans!
- Can Raise Money & Build Facilities - Worst in ACC. IPF is just a start.
- Experience - Has to be sitting AD or BC guy with strong support system. Can't bring in a associate AD with no ties to BC who just hires a staff. Would be a disaster. AD has a lot of work to do and must hit the ground running.
- Has Strength to Hire His Own Coaches. Use a consultant if needed for vetting/process of hiring coaches but ultimately does the research themselves and Targets who they want and goes and gets them.

Outside Candidates
Mark Jackson (Villanova) - Would be my top pick. Nova won Nat'l Champ in BBall, they just announced $60M upgrade, can't do anymore at Nova. Looks like great fit, Boston guy, former staffer for Patriots, $$ raiser at USC Football. Checks every box.
Bill Scholl (Marquette) - 23years at ND, AD at Ball State then Marq...been at right schools, not sure if he hired Wojo but if he did that has been a good hire.
Lee Reed (G'Town) - Longtime AD at Cleveland St and now G'Town, Jesuit school exp, no football experience, minority candidate.

Out of Box BC Hires
Doug Flutie - would definitely win the press conference with this hire. Would need heavy support around him. I believe he lives in FL now and can't believe he would want to work the hours that an AD puts in but maybe wants to save his school again. Would have to be a package deal with experienced staffers around him.
Michael White (BC alum/former CEO of DirecTV) - probably can't afford him & who knows if he knows anything about athletics but knows how to make $$. Syracuse just hired AD who was former alum & #2 guy at ESPN.
M Quetin Williams - Former Football player, BC grad, former FBI agent, Lawyer. Worked for Couglin at Jaguars and also in NBA. Don't know much about him but have heard his name before. Minority candidate. Never been in college athletics so would need the same as above as Fluite, strong support system.

BC Ties
Ed McGlaughlin (BC Alum/VCU AD) - great guy, would be good hire, lack of fball background hurts his candidancy, Thamel mentioned him in article today as early name.
Jim Paquette (former BC athletic staffer/Loyola AD) - same as above, longtime BC staffer and fundraiser, connected to the right people, at small school with no football so doesn't win press conference.
Christopher Iacoi (BC Alum / UCLA Sr Assoc AD-CFO) - young but works under one of best AD's in business, think he should be in mix, sleeper. Could also be a guy who if you every hired Flutie, Williams or even Gladchuk he is groomed to be next guy.
Chet Gladchuk (Navy) - can't imagine we would go there but wouldn't object, he would stabilize department. Maybe you hire Iacoi as his #2 to be next in line when Gladchuk retires after a few years. Probably wouldn't come back because of Leahy fallout before.
Boo Corrigan (Army AD) - not sure he is tied to BC but have heard his name before. Thamel mentioned him in article today.

Associate AD at Power 5
Phil Esten (PennSt) - Deputy AD & COO - background in fundraising, Cal, Minnesota. Sounds like pretty good candidate.
Nikki Moore (UNC) - Senior AD & SWA - Women candidate, been at both Oklahoma & UNC.
Desire Reed-Francois (VT) - Senior AD & SWA - Women candidate, been at Tenn, Cincy and now VT.
Dan Cloren (Oh St) - AD of Development - fundraiser, spent time at Xavier
Chris McIntosh (Wisc) - AD of Development - fundraiser, spent time in private sector, former NFL

JBQ said...

It is always interesting to read the comments of "mod" and "GeoEagle". OMG, BJK is back and full of vim. BB was well intended. He sent me a hand written note to invite me to visit. I showed up in 2015 and he was "out at the dentist". TC needs to be consulted. Someone needs to come in to evaluate Daz and JC. TC would have been great on an interim basis to right the ship.

mod34b said...


Shabby luv your post (and posts) but I wish I could pass you a big internet eraser to wipe out the Quentin Williams suggestion. Omg

Shabby1011 said...

Honestly that was a throw in, I have no idea who he is. I have heard his name come up so I put him in there but he doesn't sound like a serious candidate