Saturday, February 18, 2017

BC ties Vermont again

Yesterday I wrote that BC needed another win Saturday against UVM. That didn't happen. Unfortunately the boys tied Catamonts. again.

This does not impact the Hockey East standings -- where BC remains the top seed. BC now has a series against Lowell before the Hockey East Tournament starts.


mod34b said...

Too bad. Guess it's a down year for hockey too. But diff: no excuses from York

mod34b said...

I see Brad Bates's last tweet was 2.7.17. - 11 days ago. For past 6 months he has been tweeting a few times per week. Is he on the start of a long, long vacation?

What can it mean?

bceagle91 said...

Yes, BC remains the top seed but this tie hurts the team. The lead is 2 points over BU with two tough games against UMass-Lowell. BU finishes with 2 games (both at home) against Notre Dame. Not an easy opponent for BU and BC does control its destiny in terms of regular season conference standings but the Eagles could have made it a lot easier.

In terms of the NCAA tournament, BC is on the bubble in the Pairwise Rankings (kinda like RPI for basketball, but the hockey tournament uses them heavily). Adding in an autobid from a lesser conference and an early exit in the Hockey East tournament could bounce the Eagles out. A win would have helped more than a loss in the Pairwise.

Unusual for BC, but the team's momentum is going in the wrong direction late in the season. 5 seniors and zero juniors so the team is young, but the Eagles are usually a young team. Not a typical BC year (yet), but with so many good players going pro after last year, a hiccup is understandable. At least it isn't the dumpster fire other sports are.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Just an off year after losing so many players. Not a big deal. But we disproportionately expect more from our hockey programs as most everything else ACC wise is either mediocre or pitiful. I think we are all a bit shell shocked from the situation and the apparent lack of any response from the school over a long period of time now. Hard to determine what proportion of alumni base is as disgusted as we are. It may be we are a vocal minority and nothing more as the vast majority pay little to no attention to athletics - which may explain the school's inattention. Hope I'm wrong - but it might be interesting for ATL to try to get an anecdotal sense from the readers here as to what they think the majority of the alumni base makes of the situation in athletics under a new thread dedicated to that issue.

mod34b said...

Nap. I'd say I am in regular contact with maybe 3 dozen or so BC alum. - BC People I see/talk to from daily to once a year.

I'd say 95% do not care at all about BC sports presently and don't know Spaz from Daz or York from Mork . They know who Doug Flutie is and who Matt Ryan is ;(aybe) They don't know JC is a coach, they think of JC as God. In other words, with losing teams, the vast, vast majority of BC alums check out. BC grads are busy with career, family etc and BC sports is a very low for BC alum.

But many (25%?) of this same group would take an interest if BC was winning games and exciting.

Most of this group is a lot more interested in BC alumni reunions than sports (hint to BC. Combine reunions and games!)

CT said...

Wow. That's a pretty sad reflection of things. It goes to what another poster said here recently. The losing fosters irrelevance. The worst thing to be in sports. Truly shocking mod. Depressing, too.

Knucklehead said...

Mod you literally complain about everything.

I agree with the 36 people who don't want to talk to you about BC sports that it is not all that important.

BC sports are a social event that give me an opportunity to recall the time I spent at the school and hope for the future of the school/athletics. It is not a religious experience for me like it is for people from schools like UNC, OSU, PSU or FSU. I get my emotional and religious support from other people and church.

If I wanted to discuss cut-throat bottom line BS I would talk to my boss or listen to Boston sports radio - follow the Red Sox/Bruins/Patriots(which I do). I will call out shit that inhibits the success of the BC programs but I don't continually call for firing of coaches, AD, BOD on a daily basis like most of the people here who are angry about their own second rate lives.

One of the best customs at Boston College is showing up in the stands late for a football game and leaving early(but always knowing what the score is).

mod34b said...

knuck -- i am not complaining. i am explaining. u get that, right?

Knucklehead said...

Just accept the criticism.

mod34b said...

i guess your no getting it.

Where is your friend Tony?

Geezer eagle said...

Apparently, Knucklehead is only polite to the BC hating trolls.

Max said...

You are a loser. Go to church and pray for a life. If you think the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtis or Patriots care about anything but your money you should ask for a refund of your tuition.
Maybe you showed up late and left early - don't assume everyone else is an ass like you

Knucklehead said...

What prison library are you checking in from? Read my post again. You are making my point. I am personally giving you the benefit of the doubt that you misread it.

If anyone here thinks that Boston College has ever or in the foreseeable future will produce mens bb and football programs like UNC, OSU or USC does then you are ignorant of the history of your school or oblivious to reality. We are not a national championship level program and never have been. We are obviously capable of being an NCAA tournament team and perennial bowl team but we are not National Championship level eventhough we have had good runs and periods of success(Do any of you tools know that we are one of the top 3 schools in regards to ncaa tournament appearances without a final 4?). To hold the people involved to that level of expectation is ridiculous and you do it to make up for whatever you are lacking in life ie. not on eagle in Atlanta. Again, I vociferously attack what I see as problems with the programs but the incessant demand for coaches/administration to build national championship level programs is bizarre. Even for you Maxie poo.

Sakib K said...

Nice game of golf.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Thanks Mod for your comments - that is my sense as well but from a smaller pool. If we are right - then the money keeps coming in and all we can hope for is some better luck over time.

I doubt if anyone realistically expects national championship caliber major programs at BC. I mean we aren't Villanova for heaven's sake! But is it unrealistic to expect that as an ACC member we aspire to put out consistently competitive programs? And if not - then what's the benefit of being the consistent doormat in a league like the ACC versus being competitive in a lesser conference? Seems the school needs to sort out its priorities as all this losing is unhealthy for the students as well as the athletes we are able to recruit.

Knucklehead said...

If you need a diagnosis Bennett Omalu is coming to campus.

Knucklehead said...

Plenty of people on here cannot understand or even fathom why we are not Gonzaga or Villanova. They ask it over and over again. They intimate that at some point Boston College was committed to bb more than it is now.

Even more consistently bitch moan and complain about every breath or move anyone on the football coaching staff makes without asking first. The coach should be fired because he

That all comes from a complete lack of historical knowledge of the University, perspective on the current situation or general dissatisfaction with their own lives.