Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jared Dudley speaks out on BC Basketball

While there is an occasional critical tweet during a game or season, in general, alumni BC athletes don't openly criticize the school. I don't know if they keep their mouths shut out of loyalty or not caring, but it tends to work in BC's favor. Fan complaints can be dismissed among BC's leadership because we don't know the whole story. A former player -- especially one who has had success beyond BC -- is harder to ignore. That is why Jared Dudley's comments on Saturday were so welcome.

The former ACC Player of the Year took to twitter to discuss BC Basketball's problems. What's interesting is that he didn't really take on the players or Christian's coaching. He address two issues that the new AD should address. The first is the lack of a basketball culture inside the Athletic Department. Dudley was disappointed that it took so long to recognize Barros and Bagley. We should celebrate our hoops history more than we do. The school also needs to do more so the Basketball Alumni feel more connected to the school. Their network is not as strong as the similar one among football and hockey players.

Dudley also touched on facilities. Any regular reader knows this is a recurring theme. Dudley knows that we don't need to win the facilities arms race. But we do need to look like we care about our student athletes. Any AD candidate worth hiring will figure out our facilities issues on the first campus tour. The challenge will be can that new AD raise enough money and push through all the BC and neighborhood road blocks.

The irony of all of this is that a player like Jared Dudley didn't come to BC because of how we treat our former players. He didn't come to BC because of the facilities. He came because we were the only major conference to offer him a scholarship and he had something to prove. We need more highly motivated players who have a chip on their shoulders. That is what will change BC Basketball. I just want to make sure that when we do get enough of those players, we also have the infrastructure that allows those teams to reach their potential.


CT said...

We are the minor leagues. Pretty simple really.

mod34b said...

Glad to see that Dudley is still interested in BC hoops

JBQ said...

@mod: I don't really think that is what "Dudley Do Right" really meant. In my opinion, he bought into the BC education and the claim of "Ever to Excel" where individuals are accepted as individuals with individual worth. For such a "wild and crazy" guy to have "stars in his eyes", that is what is hard to believe. He could have gone the BLM route and stirred up some s--t. Instead, you have to read between the lines and BC has to be able to translate and make "half time" adjustments accordingly. This all started with Jim O'Brien *BC '71) who coached at BC for eleven years through 96. He then went to Ohio State. He was successful but controversial. The reason that he left was that admissions turned down three players who appeared to qualify for admission. One was white. One was black. One was Latino. Stage left, enter Al Skinner since BC was labelled as racist.

working rich said...

and someone should listen to Dudley.

What a mistake to screw up Jimmy O'Brien , liked him as a coach but what a basketball player!
I remember when he destroyed Ernie DiGregorio. O'Brien ran him out of Robert's Center.

Bob Cousy recruited him, and Cousy did not go after many players. O'Brien's teams were fun, Skinner's were boring but won games.

Great history being frittered away

Geezer eagle said...

Fellow aging baby boomers, I enjoyed your ancient stories about Jim O'Brien. My freshman year I saw him single handedly lead a thrilling comeback victory against nationally ranked Villanova at Robert's Center. Ahhh, those were the days.

mod34b said...

Top 20 Catholic basketball schools. And Sagarin ranking.

Catholic Top 20

1. Gonzaga 1
2. Villanova 4
3. Creighton 24
4. ND 25
5 St Mary 26
6. Xavier 32
7. Marquette 33
8. Dayton 34
9. Seton Hall 53
10 G'town 55
11. Providence 56
12. SJU 85
13. St Bonnie's 92
14. Loyola CHI 107
15. SF 108
16. LaSalle 118
17 Santa Clara 132
18 St Peters 134
19. St Joes 142
20. BC 149 (down from #19)

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Mod - send that list to Father Leahy and ask why?

working rich said...

Not ancient stories but BC HISTORY.
and was Howard Porter on that Villanova team ?

Unknown said...

Anything worse then an 8-4 season, Addazio should be fired. PERIOD

The Tall One said...

I remember meeting Jared during our senior week. Incredibly nice guy - I will always wish the best for someone so honorable.

Whoever takes over as AD and the basketball coach should read what Jared says and really take a long hard look at its impact. When he was at BC, he was hard working, down to earth, and a complete class act. And he is arguably the most successful professional basketball player to play at BC in the last 10-15 years. Any kind of criticism from him will be viewed very harshly by potential recruits.