Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Will any old candidates get a second look?

Because Bates' tenure was relatively so short, some of the candidates from our last AD search could still be in play. Let's look back at some of the more prominent names from last time around.

Boo Corrigan
The first name leaked by the media on Monday was Army AD Boo Corrigan. It makes sense. Nothing in the last four years has done anything to diminish Corrigan as a potential replacement for Bates. Army has improved their football program and Corrigan has led numerous fundraising campaigns. Four years ago some worried that Corrigan would just use BC as a stepping stone. Would anyone mind that now? Using BC as a stepping stone would require that he does well. I never heard why Corrigan wasn't picked last time. There were even reports he was getting the job. Maybe he really did have his eyes set on a bigger opportunity. Since no one has hired him away, maybe this time around he will realize that BC is his best chance at a Power 5. 

Sean Frazier
Last time around Frazier was a Senior Associate AD at Wisconsin. Now he is the AD at Northern Illinois. That progression helps his candidacy this time around. Frazier publicly acknowledged his interest last time around and did the public face saving tweet of removing his name so that he could stay at Wisconsin. Would he be willing to go down the path again with BC? However frustrating it might be, the chance to lead a Power 5 school doesn't come along every day. 

Mike Cragg
Cragg is still the No. 2 guy at Duke. His name was floated the last time around but I never heard if he ever got any real interest from BC. He was Coach K's mouthpiece for a decade, so I am sure if he wanted his name out there again, he could go to friends in the media. Since it hasn't floated this time around, maybe he is happy at Duke and wants to finish his career there.


mod34b said...

No to these 3. All passed upon in 2012 in favor of Bates. That speaks volumes. But if more needed:

Boo is an ND alum. BC Just can't give a ND guy a platform to home. To the dome

Sean. Mediocre. Been considered and passed on by several prominent school recently.

Cragg. Duke lifer. No thanks

Rules. No MACs, no Hacks. No retreads

Shabby1011 said...

I'm with Mod 100%...If Bates beat them out, then god help us we can't go back there. Spot on with each of them. All of them are underwhelming which highlights the search last time. BC didn't try hard enough.

BC has to change its perception of itself to itself. Meaning they need to sell to a high level quality candidate why this job is such a great job. Boston, Great School, Huge Endowment (meaning $$ is there if you can fundraise) and ultimately the opportunity to put a forever stamp on this school and athletic department.

We are close to rock bottom. If it wasn't for footballs recovery and bowl win at the end of the year I would say we are at rock bottom. Major Sports poor, Fan Apathy, Facilities horrific, the list goes on.

We can only get better and go up. You would hope a young, energetic, confident AD would be salivating at this opportunity. Not to say they are AD at BC (which is all Bates wanted) but to actually change the direction of this entire department. The opportunity is tremendous but BC needs to sell it and sell it hard. I don't agree with ATL on Kelly but I think the idea of someone like Kelly is spot on.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I think that can sum up BC athletics since the day Coughlin left. They need to hire a Coughlin but as a AD and let that person tear this place apart!

Geezer eagle said...

In complete agreement with Mod and Shabby. Clean house from top to bottom and no retreads.

knucklehead said...

The Duke guy is not happening. Duke is not giving BC any opportunity to "beat them at something." Coach K will personally block it. Look up his press conference after BC and Miami were added to the ACC . . . vitriolic.

dixieagle said...

Clean house, for sure. Sadly, the one who most needs to go is Leahy, who is a millstone around the neck of BC sports. To quote a friend of ours who runs a major BC funder: "Leahy doesn't give a crap about sports." Until he's gone, and unless it dawns on those in power that successful sports programs are good for the school, I don't hold out much hope.

Though they didn't renew Bates, so that's something...

JBQ said...

@dixieeagle: I have met the good reverend. He is personable and dedicated. How about a little respect? It is Father Leahy to you. It may be time for the good red headed Padre to go. However no matter what else, BC is a Catholic school with all of the catch phrases that go with it. Most Jesuit schools are moving toward lay control. As put so well by "mod", the head Jessy is making decisions to turn over the Church to lay control. That will happen at BC. Nevertheless, turn your hat inside out and wash your mouth out with soap. "Successful sports programs are good for the school". There are money sports and there are esthetic sports. There are some 13 male sports and some 16 female sports. All sports are not about the dollar. Football with basketball have tv money which funds the ability to have a rowing team. The expertise of Father Leahy and whether it is time for him to retire is irrelevant. BC athletics will go on and it will not have a two sport athletic department. It is my understanding from your previous postings that you are a female. You have a good perspective. Nevertheless, your true agenda of an inclusive Church and university may be showing.

Geezer eagle said...

And how does all this moral outrage help turn BC sports (the laughing stock of the country) into winners, MS JBQ,?

Bravesbill said...

Huh JBQ? I'm as conservative as it gets and I think Leahy is terrible. Not sure what the point of your rant was.

Rathskeller Yeller said...

Something to consider with regards to Fr. Leahy and Jesuits leading BC in general. Lay control of BC adds additional costs over the life of a president. The going rate for president's at institutions similar to BC is pushing north of $1M annually. Over the life of a 20 year tenure in that position, I would rather reinvest that money in research and athletics. Whomever is leading BC, I would rather that individual understand the value of athletics in developing the whole person while also demanding excellence on the courts and fields from the AD and his/her coaches. A leader like Fr. Monan met those marks and we can find other Jesuits out there of like mind and skills.

Geezer eagle said...

Well said, Yeller. I'm not particularly religious but I still want to see a Catholic presence on campus. But I expect to see a Jesuit who demands a winning sports program without sacrificing academic integrity. Father L is not that man.

dixieagle said...

JBQ: Yes, I am female, and have been a BC fan since my freshman year in 1970. I've also met Fr. Leahy (and Fr. Monan.) So what? The fact remains that he has the final say on a new AD, and he really booted it with Bates. I hate to see him have the chance to do so again. The friend I referenced in my original post meets with him regularly, representing an organization that gives BC millions, and if he feels Fr. L "doesn't give a crap" about sports, I believe him.

Of course "football and basketball have TV money." With that TV exposure comes the opportunity to project a certain image of BC to the viewing public; lately, we've been a doormat and that doesn't help BC in any way, even if it does generate money for the rowing team. Frankly, football and basketball have been taking money under false pretenses... pretending to be ACC calibre teams. (I don't mean that to reflect badly on the kids... I blame Bates and his bad hires.)

I simply have no idea what you even mean by my "true agenda of an inclusive Church and university may be showing."

Bottom line: I want BC's major sports to be relevant again. I'm sick of being the laughingstock Ga. Eagle mentions. There's no reason that, with the right hires, BC can't field consistently competitive teams, with the occasional league championship and decent bowl game in the mix. A winning attitude has to come from the top, and it hasn't for years.

I was a fan when we were small potatoes in major sports, and I was a fan when we had success. I hate that we've devolved this way, and simply want our president to pay attention to that "ever to excel" motto in all areas.

Geezer eagle said...

Dixie eagle, I share your sentiments. By the way, I also was a freshman in 1970 when we were still playing Holy Cross. At least we had pride in those days.

dixieagle said...

Well, hello classmate! (O Holy Cross, on bended knee...) ;)

Geezer eagle said...

Kiss the ass of old BC! Lol