Saturday, April 08, 2017

Football adds another grad transfer

West Virginia Tackle Marcell Lazard is coming to BC. I know some feel Addazio is hurting the true development of the team by not playing more young kids, but this -- like all 5th year football players -- is a win-win. 

As a reminder, BC faces many challenges getting JUCOs admitted. However, grad transfers are not a problem. So Addazio has been aggressive about bringing them in. Even though few have been stars, most contribute and are low risk. If the player is ineffective or gets hurt, it only cost BC one scholarship for one year. 

Lazard's transition to BC will be interesting to watch. He was a part-time starter at WVU, so he has elite level experience. Yet West Virginia's Oline operates very differently from BC. At West Virginia the Oline is nearly always playing zone. There is not much movement. Plenty of pass blocking and lots of spacing. At BC, Lazard will do more traditional, power stuff. If he adjusts, it should be a great learning experience.

I am sure this post will spark a few rebuttals regarding Addazio's misuse of the roster. In my opinion, leveraging 5th years is the smartest things Addazio has done. I hope Lazard plays well and looks like another coup.


mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

We should this for what it is: Daz is/was a terrible OL recruiter and any OL help BC can get is a plus.

This guy has started 12 games for WVU over last 2 years and played in 24. He's got to be better than what we have now. Perfect size at 6'6" 293. (Couple donuts and he'll be at the magic 300 lbs Daz luvs)

Unknown said...


Boston said...

Anne: I seem to remember Tyler Murphy being pretty good...

FakeShalomTfree said...

He did recruit Aaron Hernandez though, who was a helluva tight end with great character

Max said...

Tyler Murphy was a running back who would throw the ball on occasion.

One USC game is not a career.

Daz sucks. He should be fired before the season starts.

"I only lost to Florida Stare by 21 points. I should be given a contract extension."

The only stat that matters is the Win/loss column. And if you pad it with Wagner, UMass and Buffalo what does it say for BC.

BC should grow a set and stop the excuses..

baldysheehan said...

Bringing in guys with no connection to BC just to fill recruiting gaps is absurd. That is the mentality of the present coach who is going into his fifth year - he can't blame his predecessor anymore, with a lousy team and a new quarterback. He dies not know how to develop talent. Sad, sad, sad. I say let BC win or lose with BC kids and stop pretending these transfer care about BC.

Guido said...

Heartily agree with you baldysheehan !! Not only can't he develop talent , but he is inept at recruiting talent period !!! Still receiving e-mails that want me back as a season ticket holder. Never thought that my interest level in BC sports would disappear. I am now concerned about BC hockey after seeing the talent coming in next year (and I love York). BC needs some kids with size and from what I saw - 3(THREE) kids were around 5'8" and 150-155 lbs. Does anyone have more positive info than what I am seeing for next year ???? Thanks

Bravesbill said...

I'm fine bring in 5th year linemen. There's enough opportunities to play for everyone that presumably underclassmen will still develop. The problem is bringing in 5th year players at skilled positions (QBs). All they do is block players who are the future of the program.

Knucklehead said...

Lazard is good. Not a lot of college football fans on here if you don't recognize this guy.

BC hockey in its heyday was all about small players with speed and skill. Gointa, Atkinson and Gaudreax. Basically a whose who of American hockey talent in the NHL.

Jesus Christ.

Masters Prediction: 4 man playoff. In the end Spieth out-putts Rose.

Knucklehead said...

Also, who is our QB? Brown/Wade/Perry? Sooner or later everyone here will wish that we had the Kentucky guy back for another season. He wasn't that bad.

This season could be a complete massacre. Don Browns players are filtering out on D. The offense is fucking pathetic. We lost the best special teams coach in America because the headcoach couldn't(didn't want to) retain him.

You are looking at a 4 win season.

Who is the AD going to be. The current assholes contract is up in 7 weeks and we don't have a replacement named yet. I wonder if we are getting someone from ND or Harvard and we were waiting for their hockey season to end(grasping at straws)?

Knucklehead said...

Harvards athletic department has been damn good the last 10-12 years. Bunch of NFL players, Ivy league football championships, ncaa tournaments and ivy league basketball championships and hockey has been improving.

People talk about facilities being the reason why kids go to a school. Harvard defies the shit out of that. Their hockey building is hazardous to you health.

Guido said...

Knucklehead - I followed BC hockey , but surrounding Gonta , Gerbe et al were some big aggressive defensemen and other forwards who were good size and could play a physical game. There must be a balance with some big hitters. That was my ONLY point !! They will have a young team next year(Colin White leaving) , but also will not have a balance in size. Not the formula for success in Hockey East. Regarding Patrick Towles - if they had let him run when he saw the opportunity and gave him a F----- creative offensive game plan , he would have had a lot more success. Certainly would not waste my time arguing any point on this Board. It is useless to argue on this blog since there is a common theme - we are pathetic and have no leaders.

Knucklehead said...

No, you said you want positive news because the size of the new forwards didn't meet your criteria.

If there is any school in the United States of America where the fanbase should not be concerned with the height of its athletes it is Boston College.

Do you want me to list the diminutive athlete that have been successful at BC and in professional sports?

Max said...

If Lazard was any good he would be a 3 year starter and be considered for this years draft. As it is he is poking for another year of free education (upscale rom WV) and possibly a chance at next years draft.

He is a loser that should not be given the time of day, recruit your players and play them. Win or lose.

Daz sucks and should be fired today. I would not let him wash my cat let alone have him coach my son in football. F'n loser

Knucklehead said...

There were 42 OL picked in last years draft. He is ranked 21 on the 2017 list of draft prospects.

He is good.

mod34b said...

Knuckle have you seen Lazard play?

I haven't.

But his play has been described as inconsistent. He started when there were injuries. He wasn't going to start next at WVU either.

Still. He has some 800 snaps as a starter. Very likely a plus for BC. Given the woeful play of OL

Jimmy Lowry looked good on paper but not on the field.

Who know how Lazard will be. Patchan? Or Lowrey?

We'll see

Knucklehead said...

In between Patchan and Lowry. Closer to Patchan. WV was a top 20 team and has been for a while. We are the worst team in Power 5. Anyone on an offensive 2 deep from a top 20 team is better than anyone we have starting.

Daz is gone after next season. This kid is not the problem.

Knucklehead said...

. . . gone after the 2017 season.

Knucklehead said...

Plus he didn't play for a loser team. The kids at BC don't know any better than the half assed bullshit they have been a part of for the past 5-10 years.

Knucklehead said...

. . . he might bring some desire to win to the offense.