Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The waiting is the hardest part

I tweeted this earlier, but because of the shortened week at BC, it appears the AD announcement is not eminent. The school is closed Thursday through Monday for Easter. It is always possible a deal could come together over the weekend, but an official announcement is unlikely. The bigger challenge to this process is that no one knows much and it remains in Father Leahy's hands.

I will admit that I am frustrated with the whole thing. I keep telling myself to be patient. The frustration comes from BC having nearly a year to prepare for this, an opportunity to pursue a wide range of candidates and then finalize a deal that could have allowed the new AD to come on campus and begin a transition. Instead things creep along. The other challenge to taking so long and not engaging any media on the process is that it allows for all sorts of gossip and speculation. (Once again, I am guilty of this too.)

The only solace I have is that many of the names leaked of floated are not in the mix. I just hope that whoever Father Leahy finally decides to hire is better than the rumors.


Lenny Sienko said...

Tom Bowen seems to have had his share of controversy at Memphis, including, but not limited to, a conflict of interest charge about him and the now departed football coach sharing the same agent.


I cannot understand how BC can pay professional consultants to conduct a search and still be left hanging with leading candidates such as the VCU AD publicly turning BC down and turning the job into a bargaining chip for an extension.

Where is the stakeholders' input into the process? Alums? Faculty? Students?

The selection process cannot and should not be a "one-man-show".

mod34b said...

from BC247 site


"Boston College 247 has confirmed that two candidates have emerged as the top targets to replace Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates after VCU AD Ed McLaughlin pulled himself out of consideration last week. The two top targets are current Memphis AD Tom Bowen and Seton Hall AD Pay Lyons."

BC better not hire a Seton Hall guy. it is like a diocesan high school in NJ. embarrassing that BC would look to Seton Hall AD. No........

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mod34b said...

ATL. I see there is chatter that Paquette is the choice. But then I see you emphatically say on Twitter that "no he is not in the mix "

I am not so sure on your sources. Was it the last AD search or last HcFB search where you had a source and you were wrong. Very wrong

Paquette seems to make the most sense. He has a long history with Leahy and BC and the timing and non-circumstance of his departure from Loyola seem to indicate that BC could be in his future.

Look at theDaz hire. They knew he was their guy early on. and the search for a FB coach was fake.

Heck, after reading a bit more, Paquette might be a good choice. Stuff Lenny wrote about Bowen plus Bowen big flop hiring Washed up Tubby Smith (plus F*ck ND) make me think he will turn off Leahy.

But who knows.

I am betting it's a familiar face: Paquette

Hario said...

None of the names seem exciting at this point . I am ready to be underwhelmed.

It is tough watching leahy kill BC sports

eagle1331 said...

The fact that an outside firm and Father Leahy are making this decision says it all. Boston College is in bad hands, and whomever is continuing to let things be run this way is failing the fan base, alumni base, supporters, and students.

If Father Leahy is not willing to look in the mirror and blame himself publicly, at least a little, and assume some responsibility for the sad state of affairs at The Heights with regards to the Athletics Department, someone needs to put him in his place.

He needs to be held accountable for what he has done. The hires he has made. The search firms he has hired to produce such terrible candidates. The extensions he's granted. The money he has kissed goodbye on bad contracts and failing programs leading to less fan support and dwindling attendance.

Who is that?

Who can tell Father Leahy it is time to retire, or be fired?

There has to be some sort of governing body that has some balls and power, or is our school run by an egomaniac monarch?

Father Leahy, you have done a ton of great for our school, and we thank you for that, but you have gone stale. Your decisions have grown poor. Your lack of care for the common supporter, obsession with the whales, and essentially non-presence and middling-at-best involvement students should not be tolerated any more.

Please do what is right for Boston College and hang up the collar, or at least the title, and let someone youthful with new ideas and vision come on and lead us out of this dark era.

eagletix said...

Leahy isn't failing if his mission is deemphasizing sports because of his distaste for the issues that big time sports engender, like players pay, sexual assaults and the academic sacrifices an institution is required to make to be competitive at the D1 level.

BCEagles2014 said...

Honestly it all comes down to a Jesuit problem. The Jesuit professors I had at BC all shared a common distaste for athletics. I remember one professor in particular arguing that BC cannot call itself a non-profit if it spends millions on dollars on athletics.

I understand other Jesuit schools perform well, but BC must not attract those types of Jesuits to their school. Now this is just a rumor, but I have family that attended Loyola Academy in Chicago and have said their President,who has overseen their dominance in sports, is next in line to replace Leahy. This same Jesuit also spent time at Notre Dame so perhaps he will understand the importance of athletics.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

2014 - its a mixed bag with the Jesuits. It probably boils down mostly to the philosophy of the guy in charge. But the bottom line is that it falls entirely upon the Board of Trustees as they own the school and are free to allow Leahy to do what he wants or replace him with anyone they choose. The leverage the Jesuits (not Leahy alone) have over BC - if they are unhappy - is the power to remove their affiliation with the school and its identity as a Jesuit - Catholic institution.

STL_eagle said...

We will probably hear next week. Seems to me that they made the offer to Ed and he went to VCU to give notice and then they countered with an extension that provided more security than BC could match so he declined and now BC is debating their back up choices. That doesn't mean that BC still can't land a solid candidate, it just means that the process got a little longer. At this point we should all be praying that Leahy uses input from the search firm and the Board and makes a wise decision.

mod34b said...

Nap, the BOT "owns" BC? i would not think so. The Catholic Church or the Jesuit Order owns BC. BOT oversees BC not owns it.

As for Jesuits hating sports, that is silly. What was BC doing by producing winning sports from 1982 to 2008? Fr Monan was a Jesuit. G'Town has had tremendous success in sports. And now we see Gonzaga enjoying great success.

Eagletix. Big time sports engenders sexual assault. WTF? That is not true at BC. Sounds like you have some biases that are not based in fact. Academic sacrifices? No. Nd, Duke, NU, Stanford, Harvard etc. have good sports and stellar academics.

It seems to come down to Leahy. He is the Brad Bates of college presidents without outstanding hair... He is the Charlie Baker of college presidents without the blonde preppy thing.... Affable and ineffective (as to sports).

Get the hook

eagle1331 said...

I'm sorry, but while I was at BC - and I worked in Athletics as a volunteer for 3 of those 4 years - there were plenty of Jesuits who cared a whole heck of a lot for sports. They do have lives outside of the classroom and sacristy. Everyone knows Father Monan, but Father Jack would make an amazing President of the school, IMO, and serve both the Jesuits, Students, and Athletes well. Fr. Tony is up there as well. Both were intimately involved in the Athletics Department and both have served as the priest for several of our Varsity Athletes weddings, so you know they care, and the players care about them.

This all boils down to Leahy and a lame duck board.

Leahy is "over" sports, clearly, and has made so many bad decisions, he doesn't know how to escape himself. He likely wants "one more hire" to try and save it, but will probably just further bury ourselves and hope his legacy is on emphasizing Academic and Campus growth rather than writing the death sentence for Varsity Sports.

The Board of Trustees is an absolute joke. Where are the Alumni? The Alumni that actually care, that is. Not just the rich or well connected Alumni, but the ones that live and breath BC and have its best interest at heart, not just a paycheck or a title.

knucklehead said...

Notre Dame allowed a Jesuit on campus? Sounds fishy. Seriously.

You don't deemphasize sports by joining the ACC and building a $40 million annex to your football stadium. You don't deemphasize sports by tripling the budget on coaches salaries. The comment is not grounded in fact.

Leahy has done well for the university from a financial perspective. The physical plant has been improved and the endowment has grown. There is still a lot of room for improvement. The school doesn't have an engineering or a medical school which is a complete detriment when you perceive yourself to be in the realm of the Northwesterns and the Virginias. The college rankings, flawed but a measurement regardless, have not improved for 20 years. You are still on par with NYU and Tufts. Fuck those schools. We could be ranked higher if we invested in academics, as mentioned. The school has the worst Power 5 basketball and football programs in America for 2 and now 3 years upcoming with no hope of improvement on any level. Your leadership(who that really is I don't know) does not communicate publicly or en mas to its alumni and students about the state of affairs at the University overall or athletically. The leadership makes a job offer to an AD(alumnus for Christ sakes) at a third rate school who in turn makes a counter offer(common practice outside of academia) and is told to pound sand? The "leadership" is failing.

Hey leadership. You need to make the current generation and future generations happy. The old guard, the ones you draw money from and who love the school for what it used to be are not going to be around forever.

Wake up. Use the money that you have been begging for and have been given wisely.

@MrNASAgang said...

From a former Boston College football player... I didn't go to BC because of it's Jesuit affiliation. I'm actually Muslim and was while i attended BC and i'm from Texas (The bible belt). I can't speak for all players but the Jesuit affiliation doesn't attract many players. It's the academics, the ACC and the history of BC football. I was recruited by TOB and from 2006-10, we played some damn good football. I understand it's a Jesuit university and they have to stay true to the history x heritage but it's just crazy to see how this is affecting the process. People go to BC for great academics, athletics, to live in the city of Boston and maybe then because of the Jesuit affiliations (well at least how it was when i was there)

Now, that i can sit back and think about my college career.. many professor did hate BC athletics particularly The Big 3 (FB,BB,Hockey)!! But the year we was #2 in the nation.. Everyone was HAPPY, Professors, Students, Trustees and everyone else! BC was always on prime time tv for football bringing in good money for the school, Hockey won the National Championship, Men's BB went to the Tourney. BC athletics was paying dividends.. Now, that's not the case as much. So, if you want to keep everyone in check and in-line.. Just WIN!!!

The more we continue to have mediocre success on FB field and BB court and even Hockey has taking a bit of dip.. It will only get worse.

mod34b said...

@mrnasa.. nice post

so what do you think of Daz?

What should BC be looking for in the next HC?

any suggested candidates?

knucklehead said...

Most people don't go to BC because it is run by Jesuits. There is a Jesuit in charge though. And he seems favor hires that have a Catholic background(Dazzler, Spaz, Def, Jagodinski, Donohue, McLaughlin offer). The Athletic Department is hamstrung right off the bat when you are limited to a particular religious affiliation. Why do the AD and the coaches have to be catholic? They don't hire professors based on religion.

Because they are picked by Leahy.

I would prefer that the highest paid employees in the school mirror the affiliation of university but at this point that should be the last criteria that needs to met.

ATL_eagle said...

mod34b: Because I have been wrong many times, I am trying to avoid getting burned this time. But I can assure you it is not Paquette. I like Paquette. I message with him on Twitter on occasion. I think he has true passion and understanding of BC. I think he would be good at BC and better than 90% of the candidates. But I am not on the BOT or in Father Leahy's ear. Paquette is not in the mix and not getting this job now.

mod34b said...

thanks ATL. I'll take your word! (but wonder.... just maybe...)

let's just hope the new AD is a go-getter who can get things done and knows how to find, persuade and hire the right coaches....

JERZeagle said...

I know I am stating the obvious here but... it is absolutely amazing that the VCU AD took an extension rather than step up into the "big leagues" at Boston College. He was previously the AD at Niagara University.

Big difference between the part of Richmond that overlooks I-95 and Chestnut Hill. Stunning. Really exhibits the perception of the position in the marketplace.

mod34b said...

Jerz, good point,

if reports are true, the only interest is a guy from lowly Memphis and interest from the guy from ever more lowly Seton Hall. They view BC as ok, but a VCU guy and alum does not....

oh my

there are long term costs to let athletics flounder for decade and become the laughing stock in major NCAA sports.

JERZeagle said...

wow, totally forgot about the part that BC is his alma mater. yikes.

hey, at least Seton Hall went to the NCAA tournament more times than BC in the past 5..6..7 years?

mod- the long term cost of the floundering program will be seen in 5-10 years when these current generations of students join that alumni pool of fans and donors. The current classes have experienced a BC that has legitimately not contended or been relevant in the two big sports. The apathy must be so palpable.

Just think about it... the current class of students have had 0 shot at the NCAA basketball tournament for 4+ years. Its precisely why conte is so empty now at the beginning of seasons. There is no hope for a fresh start whatseover.

knucklehead said...

McLaughin accepted the BC offer and then came back and asked for more money after VCU upped their comp. VCU offered him more than BC did and BC wouldn't increase their offer.

Another alientated BC grad.


I know someone who went to medical school there and have been to the school and Richmond 3-4 times. Richmond proper is not bad but the stretch where from there to VCU is a complete wasteland. The braves have a triple A facility there but there is nothing else.

2, 3, 4 hundred grand down there is 500-1 million here. If he was given $250k more by VCU and asked for 500k more from BC you could see a breakdown in the agreement. Once you accept you cannot come back and ask for more unless it is reasonable. 500K would be unreasonable.

Still a complete fuck up to not get this right. It is the most important hire at the university below the president.

mod34b said...

knuckle, sometimes its not about money. Many time applicants reveal their fear and inadequacies in odd ways.

If McLaughlin is a guy without courage, a guy who fears opportunity, then he will say no to the opportunity for long term and big (biggish) time success for short term dollars.

So McLaughlin must be a wuss. or maybe his wife told him to say no. Ha!

Good riddance to the faintedhearted

mod34b said...

mclaughlin was earning $271,000 in 2014 thorugh 2019. in 2015 his term was extended and bumped up to $300,000.

in 2015 Bates was drawing $695,000. So i doubt VCU went from $300,000 to say $800,000.

Clearly, more money at BC than state school VCU.

ergo.... money here was a fig leaf.... there was no deal for other reasons.

Bravesbill said...

I don't think the AAA Braves have been in Richmond in almost a decade. The left because they couldn't get a new stadium built.

CT said...

Nine years in Gwinnett for the Braves but whatever. They're 45 mins from the stadium. Kinda cheaper now to demote. Nice facility.

Anyway, can we just wait to see what happens before the second crucifixion this week? I've never seen such hand-wringing about speculation.

Geezer eagle said...

I'm 65 years old. If the powers-to-be blow this one ( and subsequent football and b-ball coach hires), I will be in assisted living before BC is athletically relevant again.

Frankie said...

The Board of Trustees is the ultimate decision maker maker for the school. BC is chartered by the Commonwealth and the Trustees must live up to obligations under that charter from the Commonwealth. They don't answer to any other higher power (on earth). BC is affiliated with the Jesuit Order but is not under their direction or that of the Church.

knucklehead said...

Those numbers prove my point. There is a cost of living and salary difference between Richmond and Boston. 275k in Richmond is 480k in boston.

VCU offers to bump him to 325k to keep him(565k in boston) and he comes back and asks BC for probably 625-650k . . . BC says no(because they aren't going to pay him what Bates was getting). McLaughlin says screw(as an alumnus it is a gut punch to not get offered at least what his failure predecessor got 5 years ago). Always about money.

Take away . . . VCU pays their AD almost as much as BC does. 110k difference between an A-10 one program department and an ACC/Hockey East AD with Power 5 football, basketball, top flight hockey and nationally ranked soccer and sailing?

Louisville and Clemson pay 1.2mill and 725k respectively. Check the comps to Boston from Louisville, Ky and Clemson, SC. Fucking ridiculous.

That is a big reason why we cannot get someone "good" to play AD.

Richmond . . . went to a baseball game there 12 years ago and drove by the stadium 5 years ago for med school graduation . . . stadium was still there and looking good. Haven't been tracking the Braves AAA affiliate.

mod34b said...

Not persuasive Knuckke.

Max said...

While not as experienced as GE I am close.

I feel that BC will screw this up. I don't like the lack of transparency around this. I believe that current BC leadership are empty suits with not a bit if common/business/sports sense.

I fear that I will be explaining to my son- "seriously when I went to BC we were good. Players drafted; tournament appearances with serious runs to 16or8,etc.

BC should seriously consider spending some of their $2 billion endowment and get some chit done. None of us are getting any younger.5

Geezer eagle said...

Hey, Max. Let's just take our social security checks down to Florida and play shuffle board together. BC is hopeless.

Shabby1011 said...

This whole narrative that McGlaughlin got offered the job and turned down because VCU offered more $$ is laughable. Please use common sense. That is clearly a save face by McGlaughlin camp to put out that lie.

Regardless of what you think of BC, Leahy or our Athletic situation at the moment any mid major AD would JUMP at the opportunity to be a Power 5 AD in the ACC. Mod's comments are spot on. VCU pays 300k and BC pays 800k. No chance VCU would top BC's offer, ridiculous to even think that. Ultimately BC did not offer McGlaughlin the job.

Based on the timing of this search, he was told fairly early on that he was out of the process and was able to work with VCU to make an announcement of an extension that looks like he wanted to stay at VCU instead of BC. That happens all the time with coaching and AD searches. Coach realizes he is out of mix of a possible job and saves face by getting a hollow extension announced saying he/she is staying and happy to do so.

The only Power 5 job McGlaughlin could ever get is BC. He works at a non football school and has worked at small schools such as American and Niagara. That is not getting any Power 5 AD job except for BC because he is a graduate.

For this to be out there that he turned down BC because he wants to stay at VCU and they paid him more $$ is just stupid. Use common sense.

JBQ said...

@Frankie: Thanks for the enlightenment. There are 28 Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Basically, they all have the same philosophy. All of them now have boards of trustees who make decisions. The AD at Gonzaga has been there for 16 years. Why has BC been running its head into the wall and then doing it again because it feels so good? Bizarre numbers continue to crop up. BB is paid 600K and the Dazzler is paid 2.6 mill for 8 years. Per this site, BB arranged a significant loan to Daz which was somewhere in the 500K range. I would say that there could be collusion similar to that accused of the Memphis AD.

knucklehead said...

You obviously cannot see the forest through the trees. That is a figure of speech you have undoubtedly heard before.

Also, nobody's wife wants to stay in Richmond when they can live in Newton(area), with a $600k salary. It is about the best place in America to raise a family if you value schools, safety, cleanliness and a free college education to the school your husband went to and cared for(not much anymore probably).

They already screwed this up if they lost their #1 candidate(who was an alumnus). Especially screwed it up because the guy decided to stay at VCU. He chose to stay in the outer reaches of Richmond(1 sport school with no media) over going back to Chestnut Hill(3 sport school with a #1 sports media market). The job is too difficult(at BC right now) not to pay someone the salary they want especially if it is reasonable. Another example of institutional arrogance.

For a school founded on classical(Greek and Latin)religious based education they should know the word hubris and its implications. They don't seem to have learned it yet though.

knucklehead said...

"This narrative?" Where does it say Bates makes $800k? Dip shit posted that he made $695 in '15 and assuming he/she is correct Bates probably made $720 in '16.

Take 300k in Richmond and convert it xxx in Boston($525k). Then use your brain and do the math. If Bates made 720 in the last year of his deal then he made 575 in the first year, they give him a 5% raise each year give or take. You see the $50k difference(525 vs. 575)? He wanted that or a little more from BC because the Bates deal was from 5 years ago(time value of $$). BC wouldn't give it to him readily, VCU upped him to 325(again, the equivolent 600k in Beantown) and he stayed.

The "narrative" is no that he rejected BC. It is worse. BC wouldn't pay him.

The key is a $1.00 in Richmond is $1.75 in Boston.

Shabby1011 said...

Knuckle you are way off if you think job was offered to McGlaughlin. Just not true.

Further Bates pay is low in ACC. In fact in today's dollars it is much lower then what Gene D was paid. Gene was one of highest paid AD's in ACC and country during his time. I would imagine the new AD is going to be in between Gene and Bates, somewhere in 750-800k range. Certainly not lower then Bates. Even if it was, if offered McGlaughlin wasn't offered job. Parker would not have gotten involved if they were going to the lowball in pay.

This rumor was planted to help him save face and say VCU 'really wanted him to stay' and made an offer he couldn't refuse. Its simply just not true. Regardless of how anyone feels about BC, Leahy etc BC is so far superior a job to VCU if you are an AD you can't even compare them.

mod34b said...

Knuckle, after your error on who hired Fuente, it has been all down hill. You are still just talking out your arse.

Shabby has it right. see above.

obviously the wife comment was a joke

Newton is the best place in America to raise a family???? is such a stupid mass-hole comment. Mass is among the unfriendliest state in the United states. it much more expensive than any southern state. Winter in Newton blows. MA is also the most progressive - most of America does not like the politics of MA - or the Patriots.

Shabby1011 said...

Listen we all have the right when announced to praise or criticize the selection of the new AD.

That being said I will give BC their credit that they have kept this search extremely tight. Nobody knows anything it seems.

I will say McGlaughlin has been out for awhile now, he was probably on list but doesn't seem like he made short list. If there is a rumor that he turned it down its because he started it. I am not going to criticize BC/Leahy based on baseless rumors. It is easy to jump on BC and deservedly so, however VCU has no capacity to pay their AD anywhere near what BC can. To start the rumor BC is already lowballing the new AD is baseless and quite frankly I don't believe it.

Pay is not a major issue at BC right now with it's coaches. Daz is in the middle of the pack of the ACC in pay. Christian is lower end but his assistants are well compensated. I think BC has started to pay it's coaches market rate. Facilities, Admissions, Budget etc are much larger issues then pay. I don't think pay is going to be an issue to attracting a new AD.

knucklehead said...

I don't know if he was offered the job. Someone said he was and the scenario there makes perfect sense. The BC job is in a better conference. It is one of the toughest AD jobs in America though. Place is a fucking disaster in the major sports. Playing games with compensation as they undoubtedly do is ridiculous given the circumstances.

If you know who is getting the job say it. If they end up with the AD from Seton Hall or Loyola or the shady character from Memphis then we will all wish McLaughlin was offered the job.

At least he has expertise in basketball AND a BC background.

knucklehead said...

325K in Richmond is $600k in Boston. Even if you say AD jobs are not "overly" impacted by regional dollar value differences they are paying him highly a competitive salary compared to BC. It is not 300k vs. 800k.

VCU has a 1.5 billion plus endowment if I recall. They can pay.

Shabby1011 said...

I think Ed would have been a good choice. I am not trying to disparage him. My point is if offered regardless of $$ he would have accepted. It is the only Power 5 job he can get.

Paquette is not involved, Memphis guy is out and I don't think they will go to Lyons.

I have heard other names but don't have strong confirmation on any and don't want to start rumors. We should know within a week and imagine it may be a complete surprise to all of us.

Ultimately it is a really important hire, we cannot afford a misstep with this. I do think Parker being involved is a good thing and will help with pool of candidates which clearly lacked last time.

knucklehead said...

Also the fact that they are waiting until May to announce the replacement of someone who they broadcasted in February was leaving leads me to believe they are having problems getting someone to fill the job. The McLaughlin chatter makes sense. Your chatter may be a narrative shabby. Like I said it depends on who they end up getting.

I didn't say he hired them. I said "if" he did then he would be good for BC. Reading comprehension again.

Max said...

Whoever BC selects as AD should have a clause in the contract to read, understand and leverage what Monan, Flynn and Campanella did to move BC from commuter school to national stage.

I feel that for the last 15 years BC leadership has lost their way. For whatever reasons.

Time to remember who brought them to the dance and get on with things. And don't do it half- assed.

Shabby1011 said...

Knuckle I am with you 100% on timing/length of this search. Bates was told early in fall he wasn't coming back. He should have been let go at that time, let John Kane run department for the year and new AD should have been hired during XMas/New Year. Forget dragging this thing out to May. Its beyond ridiculous.

That being said that is how they have chosen to do this so we now can only hope/pray that they at least hire the right guy. If they do then new AD will be capable of catching up to speed this summer and ready to evaluate and make necessary coaching & department changes quickly next year.

knucklehead said...

It was broadcasted to the media 6-8 weeks ago. The replacement should have been announced a week later or you don't say anything at all until June. Then you say Brad was not renewed and few days later you announce who the new person will be. You don't leave 3 months of time between the Bates not coming back announcement and the new hire announcement. Then you avoid all the garbage stories.

It has not been handled right.

That is either ineptitude with PR strategy or the negotiations you thought were set fell through.

Max said...

As enticing as this sounds - I want to enjoy BC football, basketball and hockey. Is it too much to ask that BC get out of its own self righteous ways?

Dear Lord they are frustrating. They screw this up and they flat out incompetent. And deserve whatever fate awaits.

mod34b said...

someone should make a big chart for Father Leahy with two columns

1. EXTRA Revenue from Sports (TV, marketing, tickets etc) for Pet Jesuit Projects with appropriate long-term investments


2. EXTRA Revenue from Sports for Pet Jesuit Projects withOUT appropriate long-term investments


he supposedly dos not like sport, so let's show how Sports impacts non sports and his pet Jesuit projects.....

but i am sure someone explained this to him. I recall he has some crooked system of accounting that says all BC major sports lose money (when salaries and costs of foregone tuition etc factored in) . So maybe he thinks he is stopping losses....

JBQ said...

@Knucklehead: Are you calculating money exchange from Confederate currency?