Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Garland Owens football joke is not a bad idea

Early Tuesday, Garland Owens tweeted this:

It got everyone instantly excited. But the basketball reserve was just teasing us. He was just getting ready for some intramural football. However, our collective enthusiasm was justifiable. Owens might not be an elite basketball player, but his physicality and athleticism make him a great candidate to try football for a season.

If it hit social media, I am sure Addazio's staff knows about Owens. I hope one of the staffers follows through, because Owens could be interesting at WR or even at DE. I don't know if the staff has a scholarship to give him, but if you can get him to greyshirt until one opens up this summer (because they always do), that would allows Owens to stretch his college years and maybe get an NFL look. As of now I can't see a future in basketball. Being a converted college basketball player will get him an NFL tryout.

I don't know if Ownes even wants to play football. But maybe his joke will get him thinking.


Heights said...

Why do our colors always look "red"? Our colors are MAROON and GOLD, Not Cardinal and Khaki.

mod34b said...
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Hario said...

Size, great athlete - can jump out the building and I think played football in high school. Obviously would be a long shot to be anything but no also obvious downside to him trying out.

eagle1331 said...

NYC eagle.. Those are the red bandana game cleats and it was an intramural game so he could be wearing whatever color Under Armour pants that he wants. No need to get your maroon and gold panties in a bunch..

common tony said...

For us old guys, there was Rich Shrigley. Played hoops with both Ernie Cobb and John Bagley, and one year of football with Doug Flutie. Those were the days.

Heights said...

@eagle1331 - If this was the first time I had seen off-colors, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, I see the wrong colors way too often in our apparel, uniforms and on TV.

We need to market ourselves much better than the current state of affairs. Getting the colors right is a basic first step.

knucklehead said...

He has affinity for the school. Good to see.

Unknown said...

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Geezer eagle said...

Write in our Damn language.

Anonymous said...

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