Saturday, June 10, 2017

Baseball Hall of Fame to honor Frates

Pete Frates old baseball glove and his ice bucket from the first challenge are headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I hope Frates and his family are honored by this. The Ice Bucket challenge wasn't specifically a baseball event, but a baseball player was behind the movement.  While we all remember what Frates did and who he was before ALS, there are many who have already forgotten the Ice Bucket Challenge. Being part of the Hall keeps Frates legacy alive for a long time. Congrats.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Truly an amazing story. He is a remarkable young man with an incredible wife and family. With all the disturbing news in the world involving the worst of human kind - its easy to lose sight of all that is still hugely good in this world. Peter and his family remind us of the best of human kind with their courage, effort, support and love in the face of an enormously difficult challenge. Boston College could not be more proud of anyone.

Teej said...

It's families like these that make me more than honored to be an eagle.