Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vrabel commits

When BC offered Tyler Vrabel at camp a few weeks ago, I was skeptical that he would commit. I figured his dad's deep ties to Ohio State and past work with Urban Meyer would mean that young Vrabel would head to Ohio State eventually. I also thought that BC's offer would spark other Power 5s to move in on the Texas OL prospect. Well, Vrabel didn't wait on others because he committed to BC Tuesday.

He's a three star on most of the services and plays in a competitive area in Houston. He also attends a Catholic School in the area (which helps in the admission process).

Having the Vrabel background and experience at BC's camp, I feel pretty comfortable with this offer. Given his family background, I also hope that he won't be swayed by schools that come in late.

Welcome aboard, Tyler.


CT said...

Interested to hear some people's thoughts on Jarmond's new Fan Council to improve the game day experience. Seems long overdue.

knucklehead said...


Talent in men's basket and football.

Unknown said...

Jared Dudley , Danya Abrams , Howard Eisley , Malocolm Huckabee
would dramatically raise the talent level an number of victories !!!!!!!
A statue of Father Monan should be erected to keep Doug and Girard company.

Unknown said...

Eagle Action was so excited about this commitment that they posted his name 3 times on the commitment list.

Unknown said...

Any news on whether A.J Dillon has been out on the field yet? He was the best recruit from last years class (Even though I disagree, I think Travis Levy was the best recruit), how's he been doing? Any updates?

John said...

Revisit game day parking around the reservoir; lobby for the old days - some form of tailgating on the island between the reservoir and Shea Field; lobby the MDC for use of "Beer Can Hill" with appropriate protection for any equipment related to the Reservoir (which isn't as critical now that it's open to the public); picnic "tailgating" throughout the campus; serve beer in the stadium in designated areas (beer gardens)wall in the corners and create extra spaces for those "gardens";foster a welcoming atmosphere throughout the campus on gameday; picnic tailgating on the Brighton Campus for those purchasing game day parking (non Flynn Fund); or for walk-ons; tailgating or picnics at former Temple Mishkan Tefila (spelling?) - shuttles to stadium;reevaluate Flynn Fund levels - at least temporarily;etc.

These are immediate short term ideas.

Reevaluate Fenway Sports Group performance;promote college football in Boston - generically, not just Boston College exclusively - If you love college football, come out to Chestnut Hill or Cambridge and catch a game.

Let's go, BC - come up with some ideas.