Thursday, July 20, 2017

ACC releases BC's basketball opponents

The ACC won't release the dates, times and TV partners for the basketball season until later this summer. However, Thursday the conference announced the matchups. Here is who BC is playing this season:

Home and home -- Syracuse, Notre Dame, Florida State, and Miami
Home only --  Georgia Tech, Clemson, Duke, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech
Road only -- North Carolina, NC State, Virginia, Louisville, and Pitt

Forget for a moment the low expectations for the season and the program. That is a very appealing home schedule. You get Duke, Notre Dame, and Syracuse at Conte. Plus a few winnable games with some of the lower level ACC teams. Jarmond and his new crew need to do something to get people to these games. It probably won't make a difference for Christian, but building some momentum about basketball and figuring out what ticket sales strategies work will help the program down the road.


Unknown said...

It is time for Jared Dudley, Danya Abrams , Howard Eisley , Malcolm Huckabee

Time for great recruits and WINNING once again "FOR BOSTON"

Geezer eagle said...

Anne, what is your fixation with these guys ? You don't think anyone else can be successful at BC?

Unknown said...

They are BC guys who would hopefully remain loyal to BC with success.
They were also very perceptive players.

Anonymous said...

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