Wednesday, July 05, 2017

How long will BC's recruiting class stay in the Top 25?

BC's 2018 recruiting class currently ranks as the 21st best on Rivals. This is easily the best start for Addazio's recruiting and looks like it might end up as the highest rated. Perception and momentum are important in college sports, so the good showing helps more than just the program's recruiting. By Signing Day, I wonder if BC's ranking will as be as high.

BC moved so high by getting so many verbals this early in the process and making sure the rating on those players is decent. Addazio only has a few spots open so barring some elite prospect committing to BC, the points earned for the ranking is probably not moving much. This is one of the reasons why I don't think BC will maintain its rating. The other is the programs not currently in the Top 25.

As of July 5, Michigan, Washington, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Auburn and Florida are all behind BC. Most are still pretty early in their verbal list. At least four of these programs will end up higher than BC based on reputation alone. These services are built to serve the large fanbases. They are not going to leave a SEC school other than Vanderbilt outside the Top 25.

In the end, I want Addazio to finish the class well. But it might not really matter now. He has already changed the narrative and perception. Even if things whimper out, most of the fans and media are going to call this Addazio's best class yet.


JBQ said...

I don't think that anyone denies that this is very good recruiting. Everyone prays for the best. Proof is "in the pudding". Actually, film of Brown is very positive. August 31 will tell the tale.

Unknown said...

My prediction is that BC finishes the 2018 recruiting class ranked somewhere between 35-45. If BC ends up with a 6 plus win season, they'll be ranked within that zone. If BC goes 4-8, Addazio is fired and recruits will jump ship and will likely finish with a rank in the 70's. I'm very optimistic about this season, I believe BC will go 8-4. Addazio has the strongest and most experienced team he's had at BC, I also believe that the ACC is going to be weaker this year.

Unknown said...

Still a solid recruiting class none the less. Now in the words of Jerry Jones, "I want me some glory hole".

CT said...

I'm relieved to hear coaching plays no part in such good news.

EL MIZ said...

didn't this also happen the year we had Outlow commit early? soared to top 20ish and then wound up in the 30s i believe.

modest34b said...

For a different take, take a look at BC's rank based on the quality of players recruited: #66. We are ranked in this regard slightly above Troy and in the bottom 4 of all P5 school. So the top 25 bit is just nonsense.

recruiting 10 or so 2* level recruits is pushing BC rankings up by volume, not quality. A 2* OL won't be moving the pile to make that first down.

Daz is scooping from the bottom of the barrel to pump up his numbers for his job security ATL is buying it hook, line and sinker.

Geezer eagle said...

ATL has always been a Daz apologist.

knucklehead said...

I get the math with why the recruiting ranking is what it is. It doesn't change the fact that this class is Dazzlers best(maybe his first season was better). Forget the fucking ranking number. Look at the list of offers for each player. There are competitive football programs on the players offer lists this season. That has not been the case the last three seasons.

Recruiting is up and to the right so far this season. That is fact not opinion.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

The rankings certainly help one's cause for optimism - but the proof is how these kids perform and how good the coaching staff's evaluations were taken as a whole. Then there is the less measurable impact of the coaching quality as well. We won't know the true quality for at least a couple of years. No doubt it's a bit easier for the FSU's of this world who get a slew of four and five star kids (except for the fact that their fans expect a much higher level of success). While the rankings aren't full proof - they aren't meaningless either. Having said that - you have to believe that luck plays a major role as well when you consider the huge number of offers that go out and the amount of serious player evaluations (outside of a few key targets and the camp kids) the coaches can really do.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

A good read:

Shabby1011 said...

BC best recruit, the QB from Fordham prep, doesn't have a ranking yet. He will definitely be a 3 and possibly a 4 star. Also a couple of the kids seem under rated at this point. I can be critical at times of Daz but his staff (give Camp a raise!!) has done a great job since the Dillion committ.

Clearly the 3 bowls in 4 year narrative,new IPF and face the ACC has reigning national champ are all helping this uptick.

I, like many, are optimistic about this season. Ultimately we need better QB play and Oline play which has been discussed at nausum. Also if we start the year at NIU handing the ball of to Hillman up the middle on our 1st two downs I think Daz will lose the fan base quickly. We have a great home schedule and some competitive yet winnable games early so they need to get off to a fast start or the pressure will mount quickly

Eagleytics said...

I'm gonna say this class settles ~45ish. That's about where the Harold Landry class landed and I think we're about on par with that class, though currently a little smaller as that class had 28(!) commits.

NYCEagle said...

Has anyone else noticed that guys rankings on the recruiting services automatically drop once they commit to BC? Had Finn Dirstine committed to Miami, Khris Banks to another ACC school, Denucci to West Virginia, Depalma to Wisconsin, or Evan Stewart to Louisville, I firmly believe they all would have been 4 star recruits. The tape doesn't lie. Some of these recruits (specifically these 5) are legit. 4 of these guys are absolute studs in the Big North conference in NJ. That conference is perennially one of the top 5 most talented conferences in all of high school football

modest34b said...

Looking past those ambiguous stars to the quality of competing offers for BC's recruits, does not present a pretty picture of "highly sought after" recruits. More like a “happy to get one semi-ok decent p5 offer” crowd

¼ class has P5 offers from teams with winning conference records in 2016

1 Nick DeNucci LB Sparta, NJ -- LV, MD, Pitt, Purdue, RU, Syr, WVU
2 Vinny DePalma LB Wayne, NJ -- Duke, Pitt, RU, WI
3 Finn Dirstine OL Groton, CT-- Miami, Syr, Ill
4 Matt Valecce QB Bronx, NY – Pitt, RU
5 Evan Stewart LB Montvale, NJ—Lv, UNc, NW, RU, Syr, UVA, WVU, Pitt

¼ class has P5 offers from teams with losing conference records in 2016

6 Johnny Langan QB Oradell, NJ – RU, SYR
7 Elijah Jones DB Bronx, NY -- MD, Purd, RU
8 David Bailey RB Ridgely, MD - IND, RU, Syr, UVA
9 Hugh Davis LB Indianapolis, IN -- Ind, Syr
10 Ryan Betro DT Groton, CT -- RU, Syr

1/2 Class has no Offer from any other P5 School - some with no other offers

11 Jehlani Galloway WR Providence, RI --- no P5 offers
12 Tyler Vrabel OL Houston, - No P5 offers
13 Aaron Gethers ATH Harrisburg, PA -- no P5 offers
14 Joseph Sparacio LB Naples, FL -- No P5 offers
15 Thomas Shelmire OL Dallas, TX – no P5
16 Joey Luchetti TE Groton, CT --- no P5 offers, no other offers at all
17 Tyler Days DB Syracuse, NY --- no P5 offers, no other offers at all
18 Jason Maitre WR Everett, MA --- no P5 offers, no other offers at all
19 Kyiev Bennermon DT Spackenkill, NY --- no P5 offers, no other offers at all
20 John Tessitore K Wallingford, CT – Offered broadcast job at ESPN, zip in P5

cventner said...

Section D has it about right. 5 solid recruits, 5 so-so and 10 substandard for a P5 program with aspirations to compete. Still an improvement on last year, and a 6-6 season with a bowl game may keep things moving in the right direction. The current ranking is based on quantity of commits, more than quality. If we end up in the top 40, that will be a much needed upgrade.

knucklehead said...

Compare it to the last three seasons.

Unknown said...

Bicknell, Coughlin, O'Brien , Jags, YEARS OF GLORY

Spazdazio Years of Ugly Wins and DEMORALIZING DEFEATS.

SPAZDAZIO MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JBQ said...

@Anne Marie: Even an incompetent has to be proven so. This is year five. You can't give the death penalty without testimony. Northern Illinois will be a "water mark". Till then, the world is still flat and Leahy continues with his reform agenda.

STL_eagle said...

This class seems a step up although we still need to chew through prior sub par classes. We will know a lot about this years team very quickly. If they don't win their first two games against NIU and Wake they are pretty much toast as they are likely to only win one of their next five games which would put them at 2-5 to start the season with a very narrow path to get to six wins.

eagleboston said...

You folks and your obsession with recruiting rankings crack me up. 2 years ago, the Super Bowl did not have a single player that was ranked a 5 star when they entered college. Not a one! Just look at BC's past. Almost every BC player that has made it to the NFL in the past 20 years was ranked 3 star or lower. The rankings are meaningless. Why? There is no way to accurately assess players who are on thousands of high school teams over the vast geographic space of the US (and Canada). Some great players go to small high schools or are playing on horrible teams so they get little exposure. Other players are late bloomers and the player they are at 18 is nowhere near what they will be at 20 or 22. Some players are over-hyped because of the reputation of their high school or the rep of the college recruiting them.

Heck, just look at the NFL draft. The people who are supposedly the premier experts at evaluating talent fail all the time. Don't worry about the rankings. Just like building a valuable company, it is more important to get people who are the right fit for your team and buy into your vision. You can have all the talent in the world but if you don't have a high-functioning team, you will never have success.

modest34b said...

So how's BC "right fit" working out Einstein over the past 8 seasons? U r just offering sad excuses for Spaz/Daz inability to recruit "highly sought after" players.

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