Saturday, July 01, 2017

In honor of Canada Day, what's up with this supposed Canadian commit?

I tweeted about BC Canadians Saturday and someone emailed me a question about this Canadian, Ezechiel Tieide, an athlete from Montreal. According to this service he is a BC commit!?!

I think the service is jumping the gun that Tieide is a commit because the kid's Twitter account has no mention of it and none of the U.S. recruiting sites have him down. I have no problem with the offer since we have had pretty good success finding underrated, under developed Canadians. Maybe Tieide is the next one. Or maybe he is just trying to use a supposed BC offer to drum up interest. Although coaches can't talk about recruits, when a guy like this claims an offer, the truth usually gets leaked out.

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Napolean Bonaparte said...

We have had some good luck with Canada considering Kevin Challenger and Mehdi Abdesmad.