Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Looking at QB depth

If we are to take Addazio's talking points as sincere, he has never had more depth at QB. He said so at the ACC Media event just last week. But does he just mean Wade and Brown? Through walk-ons, greyshirting, dual position recruits, Addazio has seven QBs listed on the depth chart. Here is the roster with a few comments:

-- Darius Wade, JR. It is interesting to note that the updated BC roster lists Wade as a graduate. That means he could have walked this offseason and didn't. Regardless, he has two years of eligibility remaining. Maybe this is the year that he makes the leap. Maybe the extra competition will spark something. If he doesn't take over the starting spot, I would be surprised if he sticks around for his final year of eligibility.

-- Anthony Brown, R-FR. Brown is every fan and coach's favorite type of QB -- the future star who has yet to take the field. Brown's got all the tools. He certainly has all of our expectations. But can he deliver this fall? Addazio is not in position to take too many lumps, so Brown can't play like a redshirt freshman. He needs to be very good from the very first time he takes the field.

-- John Fadule, SO. Fadule is listed as a sophomore but technically has three more years to play. Although it was only two years ago, it seems like a different time when he was actually BC's starter. That was the last time Addazio threw everything against the wall to see what stuck. I don't expect Fadule to ever get serious playing time again, but he is not a bad guy to have as a back-up.

-- EJ Perry, FR. The local kid. If things go well, Perry doesn't see the field this year. He redshirts and grows with the program. If he plays, it means he's been awesome or things got really, really bad.

-- Tate Haynes, FR. Given Addazio's track record of moving speed guys off the QB depth chart and into other positions, I would be surprised if Haynes ever plays QB for BC. The crowded depth chart is one obstacle and BC's consistent need for any type of playmaker elsewhere is another. Like some of the other long shots, Haynes only sees the field if he is amazing early. I wouldn't mind it playing out like that.

-- Dennis Grosel, FR. A recruited walk-on is probably the toughest sell at BC. If we recruit him, he obviously has enough talent to play somewhere. Some other program would probably offer some sort of scholarship. Yet these guys come to BC out of their own pocket. Maybe the pitch of potentially playing Power 5 instead of FCS is enough for some kids. Grosel arrived in the winter and got to play spring ball. We saw nothing that made anyone think he will play soon, but not a bad kid to develop in the program.

-- Matt McDonald, FR. It is still unclear if McDonald is still a walk-on or has been given a scholarship. He signed as a greyshirt but is part of the team now. Another late bloomer who has nothing but upside. 

Even though we were burned two years ago with a young, untested QB depth chart, I am a bit more optimistic this time around. If neither Wade or Brown look good, I have a hunch that one of the long shots will develop. With seven on the roster, the odds say someone should. If not, then we have a coaching problem, not a QB problem.


Geezer eagle said...

I thought they recruited a 3-star stud this year or is he for 2019? I may be wrong. Knucklehead, help me out here.

NYCEagle said...

They have 2 three star recruits signed on for 2018. John Langan from Bergen Catholic in NJ and Matt Valecce from Fordham Prep in the Bronx. Neither guy has offer sheets to wow you, although Langan helms the offense for one of the best teams in NJ. Have heard he's a big kid who plays more like a linebacker than a QB. Valecce is a true pocket passer who will get the first look

UU last row said...

I think your last thought is accurate and very fair.

"If not, then we have a coaching problem, not a QB problem."

Sarum80 said...

My biggest complaint is that Daz keeps changing the style of offense he wants to run and then we don't have a QB to run that style of offense. We have a mish mash on the roster of dual threat and sort of pocket passers and now he is recruiting pocket passers because he wants to run a pro style offense. This is year 5. He should have a senior laden team led by a senior quarterback with a couple of guys waiting in the wings who have been in the program for a few years. Pinning our hopes on some freshman phenom is unacceptable.

knucklehead said...

The QB from the Bronx. Catholic HS in the Bronx. He is plays like Matt Ryan on his HS tape anyway. Plant and throw pocket passer.

Doesn't have M.Ryan arm strength. Needs a good o-line; doesn't run well.

JBQ said...

Let's look at a voice from the past. Paul Peterson was the Eagle starting quarterback in 2003 and 2004. He came from Snow Junior College in Utah where he was recently named the head coach. After high school, he went on a two year Mormon mission to Nicaragua. When he returned, he went to Snow. He played a bit in Canada.---Quinton Porter was in and out and was injured a few times. At the end of the Peterson tenure, Matt Ryan showed up. He was red shirted in 2003. He was starting by the end of 2004 and came into his own in 2005.---Still, Peterson offered a great service to BC.

Unknown said...

Spazdazio Should be ANCIENT HISTORY

Peter Carmichael JR or Ryan Day can turn things around in 3 yrs not 5,

Make the move "FOR BOSTON"

JBQ said...

@Anne Marie: Keep banging the drum. Maybe, Father Leahy will hear you way up in his ivory tower. As of now, it is obvious that he doesn't really care. His agenda is becoming more than obvious. He wants Addazio for a known reason and losing is not a primary concern.

Max said...

Fire Daz today.

John said...

Can't fire Daz today, but he's definitely on the hot seat.

Early losses will create a pressure cooker for sure but I hope that doesn't happen because I want BC to win.

But if it does happen - Oh boy! All eyes will be on our new AD.

Knucklehead said...

Who do you want to replace him(someone realistic without NCAA stains on his resume)?

Here is who I think would make the list:
Brian Kelly
Don Brown
Randy Edsall - just signed with UCONN but $2.5 from BC is a big number
Bob Davie - hates BC but New Mexico is legit.
Anton Apollo Ono - Navy
Butch Jones

Knucklehead said...

In two years for Butchie upon further thought. He is safe this season but next he will probably start to get forced out.

Unknown said...

Randy Edsall was a major disaster at Maryland.
NAVY coach very successful a CHET GLADCHUK hire.

A BC connection is the way to go:
Peter Carmichael Jr Offensive co-ordinator New Orleans Saints
Jack Bicknell Jr BC grads

Ryan Day 2014 ACC number 2 offense
Al Golden
Both former BC assistants,
LET's make the echos ring again

Anonymous said...

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