Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday picks

Last week was terrible. Hoping for a rebound this week. Here are this week's picks.

UNC+9.5 at Georgia Tech

Georgia-7.5 at Tennessee

Florida State-7 at Wake Forest

Iowa+4 at Michigan State

Akron-2.5 at Bowling Green

Air Force-2.5 at New Mexico

Memphis+4 at Central Florida

Marshall+3.5 at Cincinnati

South Carolina+7.5 at Texas A&M 

Clemson-7 at Virginia Tech 

Last week I went 3-7. For the season I am 21-17-1.


JBQ said...

Two more linebackers lost. Connor we knew about. Now, it's Max Richardson. Davon Jones, the running back who has played safety, is now a linebacker. This could end up being really embarrassing. I think that they beat Central Michigan without a problem but that the game will now be close.

Boston said...

6-4 last week for 8-11 overall (42.1%)

UNC +9.5
Georgia -7.5
FSU -7
Iowa +4
Bowling Green +2.5
Air Force -2.5
Memphis +4
Cincinnati -3.5
South Carolina +7.5
VT +7

Jazzyg said...

Would a loss guarantee a firing?

Eagle Esquire said...

Sadly, no.