Thursday, October 12, 2017

BC-Louisville preview

This season needs something unpredictable to happen. My preference would be for that unpredictable thing to be great and benefit BC. But something has got to change (style of play, scheme, attitude, starters, or anything). There is such apathy and boredom surrounding BC Football right now. Last week a ranked Virginia Tech team on a Saturday night couldn't come close to filling Alumni. We enter into these games expecting to lose and seem resigned when it happens. The blowouts and inability to score makes it all that more predictable. Does anyone have any doubt that if Louisville scores more than 21 points, they will win this game?

There was a predictability and stubbornness to the TOB era, but at least some of the games were in doubt. BC pulled off the occasional upset or the occasional second half comeback. With Addazio, we know that if he is not leading at halftime, we are not winning. I've already called for his job. Now I just want something to shake up the season.
What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Are Louisville and BC that different? When the Cardinals' Athletic Department blew up a few weeks ago, it was easy to sit back and justify our losing as more pure than their winning. I am starting to wonder though, should we feel we are doing things the right way? They are winning -- by doing lots of cheating -- but we are losing and still comprising ourselves somewhat. I am pretty sure BC does not use of prostitutes or illegal brides, but I know we make plenty of exceptions for student athletes and accept behavior from coaches we would not accept from normal employees. How much do those degrees of compromise matter?

It is easy to say now we wouldn't make the deal with the Devil. But I want to win. That sort of longing for more was what got Faust too.

Three Simple Keys
1. Attack throw the air and down the field. Louisville's pass D is bad. We need to be aggressive and establish momentum early.
2. Don't allow Jackson to run. I don't know if spying will work. I don't know if that will open up their run game in other ways, but we've been bad against running QBs. We can't let that happen this week.
3. Use the zone read often. There are big plays to be had. Stop worrying about Brown's durability and start worrying about winning games.

Gambling Notes
-- Petrino is 38-6 at home while at Louisville
-- He is 3-0 vs Addazio
-- Louisville has won four straight in the series
The current line is BC+22

BC does not currently have any Kentucky residents on the roster. The Bluegrass state was never a hotbed for BC, but with all the Cincinnati recruiting, we managed to pick up a kid or two from Kentucky over the years. It is probably not a surprise that Louisville does not have any players from Massachusetts or any other part of New England.

Scoreboard Watching
As the season moves on and the losses pile up, what other teams are doing becomes less relevant. What does become relevant are how other "hot seat" coaches perform. Their programs will be our competition for a new coach. I will be paying attention to South Carolina-Tennessee as the Volunteers look like they will have the first pick of the top coaches this time around on the coaching carousel.

I hope to see...
Mike Knoll not have to punt. He's having a great year and has a very good chance of ending up all conference, but if he is not punting, that means BC is scoring...or at least trying to score.

BC is in trouble if...
We can't get big plays. Call them chunk. Call them explosive. Regardless of the term, we need a few big plays, because the methodical drives are not resulting in points.

If you want to call it progress, I think this game will feel a bit like the last week. BC will slow down the Cards, but the game will never be truly in doubt. I think a late score makes the game seem respectable.
Final Score: Louisville 28, BC 20


Erik said...

I'm just thankful it is an away game instead of feeling obligated to do my part and go so there is one less empty seat.

knucklehead said...

I hope to see Dazzler grab Jermaine Jackson or whatever his name is as he runs down the sideline . . . like Woody Hayes.

He is going to rage on someone at some point.

Geezer eagle said...

ATL is finally calling for dazoshit's job. Bravo, sir and welcome aboard. You have plenty of company.

Geezer eagle said...

Why does Petrino still have his job? The man is a scumbag and Louisville is riddled with scandal and corruption.

JBQ said...

I would say that 28-20 is way off on the road. I see 65-10.

TGS said...


CT said...

Louisville sold their soul when they hired Pitino/Petrino. The ACC sold their soul when they admitted them. And Miami.

If it is a blowout, they need to pull a USC on him and make him take an uber back to Boston.

Running QBs give us trouble and we're playing the best at that. But, I think we can cover again.

Eagle Esquire said...

This guy has taken all of the fun out of watching my favorite team on the planet. I still watch’em, but it’s become egregiously boring. I’m not wasting a dime on BC tickets with this guy at the helm. Period. It’s just a poor allocation of funds. Not worth it. Also, why are BC fans so elitist toward non-BC people? Some were welcoming. Others insinuated they didn’t want to talk to me once they heard I wasn’t a grad. Why dissuade people from supporting your school?

JBQ said...

@Eagle Esquire: There is no doubt that your comment has been heard before. It's the rarified air on the Heights. Father Leahy didn't graduate from BC. He has his BA and MA from SLU.

BCDisco said...

"BC is in trouble if..."
... They show up for the game?

curranac said...

Bill, comparing the way BC goes about its business to the way Louisville conducts themselves is laughable. Louisville from the AD to Pitino to Petrino is a complete cesspool at best. If you need to sell your soul to compete at the highest level, the Cardinals have done it. Welcoming Petrino back with open arms and standing by Pitino during the hooker scandal, which happened in the dorm named after his brother in-law who died in 9/11 says it all. As a Louisville alum told me last weekend at one of my kid's games... we might be the worst and most corrupt but we're certainly not alone. That says it all. Once we get our coaches fixed in football and hoops, we'll be back in the top 25. I'll take Jared Dudley, Justin Simmons, Matt Ryan and Luke Kuechly all day long.

Big Jack Krack said...

Predictability and stubborness in the TOB era............. Couldn't come close to the Addazio era.

This idea that we have an up-tempo offense is funny - at least against ACC Teams.

Last week we ran 66 plays (33 run and 33 pass) and our time of possession was 8 minutes less than Virginia Tech. 25.57 vs 34.03.

When we were deemed to be slow last year, huddling up and bleeding clock before the snap - we also averaged probably 66 plays a game.

What has changed? It's still a very predictable offense.

We had 92 plays against Northern Illinois, and 7 1/2 minutes TOP better than them.

What's the point? Well, predictable 3 and outs; predictable 3rd down plays leading to punts put our defense at a huge disadvantage.

We run into 8 and 9 man fronts. We pass short of the first down marker. (I simply can't imagine averaging something like 4 1/2 yards per completion.)

I did see a formation late in the VT game where we had 5 receivers ready to go. I'm not sure if it was successful, but this is Mike Leach; Chip Kelly type thinking. Play college football.

Yeah, something different after the Smith to Brown TD pass.

Let's mix it up, players. Help your QB change the called play if it's stupid, like so many of them have been. But if you are going to play the conservative, power RRPP game, for goodness sake, huddle up and control the clock as much as possible.

An "up-tempo" offense that's on the field 8 minutes less than its opponent is a sure loser - unless it scores a lot of points.

Go BC Players. You have nothing to lose, so don't be nervous and give em hell!!!!

Unknown said...

ND calls non ND grads sub way alumni. For the ignorant who don't get it.

They have legions of fans because they welcome them. GET WITH IT !!!!!

BC 86 said...

We have to get better at 3rd down conversions per Daz is correct, but after running twice and having a predictable 3rd and 7 every freakin time , of course your gonna be up sh#ts creek. Agree with BJK, take off the training wheels and GO EAGLES

Thomas said...

The only "unpredictable" thing I'd like to see happen this Saturday would be a mid-game firing of Addazio

knucklehead said...

They are going to have to run two trick plays a game(hit 1 for a or lead to a TD) going forward to have a chance against at 5 wins this season.

We are averaging 16 ppg.

Syracuse, UVA and NC State all average 30+ ppg. FSU and UCONN average 18 and 28.

If we can hit a trick play and give ourselves a TD that we wouldn't normally get then we have a chance to get to 23 ppg(unrealistic). If we average 23 ppg in the games after Louisville we could beat FSU, UConn and give UVA a game.

I hate UVA.

Reality, coaching and offensive talent aside that is what we would have to do to get 5 wins.

John said...

Ugh - Kuechly got another concussion last night.

knucklehead said...

I think he is done at middle LB. He plays like a maniac(Junior Seau Jr.) and gets dinged. They need to move him to weak side LB. IF they want to prolong his career.

knucklehead said...

UNC skates.

modest34b said...

Knucklehead, so you hate UVA? Is that because in 2005 UVA player Brad Butler took a really sick cheap shot to hurt a BC player, Kiwi. Trying to inflict major damage on a young student athlete. Terrible, right?

But, that is funny because you want to see young athletes from other teams suffer serious injury that requires surgery and could be career ending. Something you would enjoy. More Kiwis for you Brad Butler II

you said exactly this a week ago when you professed your hate for VT:

"Knucklehead9:53 PM
I hate VT. I hope Jackson tears his ACL on the new turf."

dixieagle said...

My heart breaks for Luke; so very scary. I'm hoping it's not as bad as it appears; at least he jogged off the field under his own power. Prayers for wisdom in making difficult decisions.

I figure our D will make some terrific plays tomorrow but our "offense" will be inoffensive, as usual, and keep the D on the field. Jackson will ultimately have his way with us. 55-13

knucklehead said...

Section D,
You are a loser and a hypocrite. Add moron to it.

I hated Virginia before Kiwanuka. I know douchebags like you who went there. To the incident you referred. Brad Butler knew Kiwanuka was hurt and targeted his knee 15 seconds after a play was over. He purposefully tried to injure someone who was known to have had a serious knee injury and big time NFL career ahead of them.

I wanted the VT QB to tear his ACL. Didn't call for someone to do it or for someone to do it with intent.


Keep trying.

modest34b said...

knucklehead you are one sick asshole (and really stupid). please leave this blog of decent people

"knucklehead said...I wanted the VT QB to tear his ACL"

Big Jack Krack said...

Meanwhile, how is Landry's ankle? - injured last game.

knucklehead said...

Section D,
You went back a week and copied the quote. Talk about sick. Your post again proves that you are a loser hypocrite.

Take the holier than though shtick and stuff it.

People like you survive on account of being in a constant state of denial.

Your foul language and vitriol is not noble.

John said...

Syracuse was showing Clemson some fun wrinkles, but the fumble for a Clemson TD hurt.

Still, it's 14 to 14.

Syracuse plays fast and shows different looks and has confused Clemson.

It just shows that when your coach oversees a plan to win, a lot is possible in college football.

Clemson is very lucky that it is not 21 to 7 right now.

Geezer eagle said...

Syracuse plays wide open and plays to win. We have Dazoshit.

John said...

Meanwhile, I think that Dino Babers will turn Syracuse around.

IMHO, Syracuse was always one coach away. They had some sh$tty head coaches, like we have had.

What - 4 years ago we were ahead of them, but now they are showing us the way.

I hate it, but that's the reality.

John said...

Syracuse is playing college football and might well win this game.

Dino Babers - Steve Addazio.

Oh boy!

Geezer eagle said...

Anybody still think we can beat Syracuse or any ACC team this year? What a disaster we have at the Heights.

John said...

I think Syracuse has made a mistake trying to bleed the clock. We'll see.

John said...

Big mistake by Dungey.

John said...

Wow - Dungey made up for it.

Syracuse can now win this game.

John said...

And I was thinking the game was tied. Syracuse by 3 now - WOW!

No fumbles and a huge upset.

Babers outcoached Swinney.

John said...

BC can do the same with a new coach.

Congratulations Syracuse.

Geezer eagle said...

Syracuse has s coach. We have a fucking moron

John said...

Dungey might be the best QB we'll face.