Thursday, October 05, 2017

BC-Virginia Tech preview

Last year's Virginia Tech game was an embarrassment. BC was shutout on offense and destroyed on defense. That type of beatdown would usually serve as a motivational tool for a year. (Think of how Coughlin used the 1992 Notre Dame game to motivate the 1993 team.) But the loss almost seems like an afterthought around BC. There's been no talk in the press this week about the game. The fanbase doesn't remark about it because there have been so many blowouts since. Maybe everyone around BC is resigned to the fact that good teams will destroy us. If so, then Jarmond has a real problem.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
I love how night games look at Alumni. I don't know if it is the angle of the lights or the usually decent crowds. There is a clarity to the picture on TV that you don't get during day games. I know that night games have their drawbacks for those who actually attend the games. While I sit on my couch 1,000 miles away, some of you have to deal with the colder temperatures or driving far from Boston late at night. But from a pure TV experience, the night games are pretty cool.

Three Simple Keys
1. Dominate on the Offensive Line. That's really the only way we are winning this game. Brown needs time. The RBs need holes. It will all start up front. 
2. Win the turnover battle. I hate these sorts of cliche keys, but with Addazio -- who is so unwilling to take chances -- any possession lost is huge.
3. Landry needs to get two sacks. This isn't just about padding stats. We need him to create enough havoc and get to the QB so that it disrupts their whole offense.

Gambling Notes
-- Virginia Tech leads the series 16-6
-- Addazio has lost two straight to the Hokies
-- Fuente is 6-1 on the road as VT's coach
The current line is BC+16.5

BC has not played Virginia Tech at night in Alumni since 2008

Scoreboard Watching
Florida State-Miami used to be a big deal. Maybe it will be again some day. This year all we should really care about is if Florida State is a mess. They've had some injuries and tough breaks. If they get killed against the 'Canes, maybe there is a chance BC can beat them too.

I hope to see...
Denis get another INT. This might be the type of season where we have to milk any good publicity we get. Denis leading the country in interceptions would be a nice bit of acclaim.

BC is in trouble if...
Virginia Tech scores more than 24. We are not prepared or coached to win a shoot out.

I don't know what to make of this game. There is part of me that believes that BC has enough talent and enough strengths in the right place to pull off an upset. What's frustrating and sad is that I don't trust Addazio to do all the things within the game to make that happen. I think it will play out like many of our recent Power 5 games. BC will be close for the majority of the game and fall apart in the 4th quarter.
Final Score: BC 20, Virginia Tech 31


CT said...

I'm calling the upset of the week right now.

BC will indeed cover the spread.

Unknown said...

Virgina Tech 42 BC 14

Hookies just maul the Eagles and its the start of a 4 game loosing streak.

Tim said...

The night games look better on TV because you can't see all the empty seats.

knucklehead said...

Is that all they do? Just mauul them?

modest34b said...

it will be ugly

Heights said...

VT 35 - BC 10

knucklehead said...

What is Dillons health situation?

STL_eagle said...

I was at the game last week. Granted it was a weaker opponent but BC looked solid and in control. There is some talent on the team but against stronger opponents the coaching weakness and poor game preparation rears its ugly head. BC will always struggle to match top football programs in talent but they can help level the playing field with heart and effort, however, it is imperative that the coaching is top notch or they do not stand a chance. Right now past experience with Daz would say that the team is not getting the coaching support it needs to succeed. Time to move on.
BC 13 VT 41
Season 4-8
With a new coach, decent recruits and a new practice facility BC could turn things around pretty quickly.

Geezer eagle said...

Agreed, STL.

knucklehead said...

With Dillon healthy and Petrula at center we can hang right around the spread. If Dillon is hurt we lose by 25.

knucklehead said...

. . . or more.

The DaddyMac said...

Anthony Brown was recruited as a dual threat QB. I just double checked the recruiting websites to make sure that my memory was correct. Yet, I have not seen a single zone read, bootleg or designed run for him. I'm betting we don't see one this week either.

Shabby1011 said...

STL - I agree. As frustrating as it is for the players, fans and Alumni currently I don't think we are that far away. Coaching can really make a difference in college.

There is some talent in this roster and most of it returns next year. We have major depth issues due to Daz mismanagement and insufficient recruiting but that can be replenished fairly quickly.

With the right hire this winter BC can be competitive in the league and NC State is proof. Thou they have superior resources and recruiting base, BC has superior football tradition and feel if managed correctly we beat them the majority of the time. Cuse is down, we should always be better then Wake, L'Ville will be in shambles next year once Jackson and Petrino leave.

Look at Purdue this year, they have been horrific for the past few seasons, far worse then BC and with a new confident and exciting offensive minded coach they are competing and winning games. A complete 180 in a year.

I will continue to go to all of the games and support the players. I think MJ has already made up his mind and we will have a new coach the first week of December. Next year the Eagles can and hopefully be competing in games like tomorrow vs VT

VT 38
BC 7