Sunday, November 19, 2017

Basketball bounces back

The true test will come during ACC play, but BC Basketball acquitted itself relatively well during the Hall of Fame Tipoff. They lost Saturday to a pretty good Texas Tech team and then bounced back Sunday to beat La Salle. BC now stands at 4-1.

The best part of the La Salle game was Robinson filling up the stat sheet. It was easily his best game of the young season. We are now at the point where BC has multiple weapons and can be competitive even if one guy isn't at his best.

BC is off for a few days and then takes on Colgate Wednesday. A big test comes next week when we play Providence. I know I am still cautious about this team's potential, but the first two weeks have been a good step forward. 


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Yes - a good start by winning 4 games against some cupcakes. Last year we couldn't even do that so definitely an improvement. But Texas Tech was telling - one of our best players didn't even show up and it was clear going into the game that if you limited Keenan Evans you would likely beat Texas Tech - we let him score 29. I wish Christian showed a little more fire in his belly and tried to get his kids more energized during the game. Not another Sargent Slaughter routine- just some more positive energy. We are much improved but to beat the better teams every kid on that team has to focus and play with confidence.

BCAlum2000 said...

That Texas Tech team destroyed Northwestern in the final of that tournament. Why the hell was Northwestern ranked #20?

I actually like the balance I see with the basketball team so far. The entire starting lineup scored double digits last night.

EL MIZ said...

the team definitely looks better. Popovic looks like he'll be a fairly competent big, Hawkins the transfer is solid, and Steffon Mitchell who had basically no other D-1 offers looks like a nice piece to bring off the bench.

the biggest issue is going to be depth, as we basically have none. that is why its always frustrating for ATL to trot out the "this guy transferred but it doesn't matter - it means we have better players" trope. if this team still had just 2 of AJ Turner, Ty Graves, Milon, SBT, Sagay or Diallo i think we'd have a pretty good shot at finishing over 500. as is we have basically a 6-man rotation (Bowman/Robinson/Chatman in the backcourt, Mitchell as a forward, and then Hawkins and Popovic up front) with no margin for error.

i've brought it up a few times on the message board and a common refrain is "transfers happen all the time now" but is that really true? the 5th year stuff is one thing, but it seems bizarre, especially for a rebuilding team where you can offer a lot of playing time, for the coaching staff to have 6 out of 10 underclassmen transfer over a 3 year stretch (Bowman, Robinson, Meznieks and Popovic have stayed. Graves, Sagay, Millon, SBT, Turner, Dialo have left).

John said...

Johncarlos, Luka and Vin Jr will have to step up.

Johncarlos should be more of a factor when called on this year, hopefully.

I have no idea. ☺️

John said...

What about Ervins Meznieks? By now he should be able to contribute something as well.

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