Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Basketball needs wakeup call to beat Colgate

BC Basketball has talent. But not enough to just show up and beat every team on the schedule. Wednesday they got a scare when Colgate took a big lead into halftime. Fortunately BC adjusted and clamped down and eventually pulled away in the second half. Hopefully this is just an early season bump in the road.

What I am most frustrated by was Christian and staff's preparation. Aside from the low energy of the first half, they were playing soft and relaxed D and daring Colgate to shoot. And they did and made BC look silly. BC also was way too quick to shoot 3s in the first half. The shots were rushed -- sometimes too far beyond the arc and just sloppy. At halftime Christian adjusted. BC trapped more and also played much tighter on Colgate's shooters. BC started hitting the 3s in the second half. 

Robinson led the way with 28 points. He was aggressive and made some good shots. The small lineup was most effective overall for BC. Bowman had 19. Chatman 17.

The team gets another test Saturday against Providence. 


JBQ said...

Providence will be a "big test".

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Yes - Providence is 4-1 with wins over UConn, St. Louis, Washington and Minnesota. BC will need to come out firing on all cylinders at the start of the game and keep it up. Cannot get down early to better teams by a wide margin and spend the whole game burning energy just to catch up. This isn't Colgate.

Unknown said...

The author can say he was frustrated with what he observed as poor game preparation but so what. The team started slow, true. The big difference in the Colgate game was they came from behind, they eliminated a huge deficit, they won the fricking game over a hot 3 Point shooting team that will likely win its league and make it to the NCAA dance. This is something no BC basketball team has been able to do in ages. I celebrate their ability to come from behind hold the lead and win.

Unknown said...

One more note, if I may, BC is not the only team that showed poorly when it started out slow and looked ill prepared on the eve of Thanksgiving Day...second ranked AZ Wildcats lost to unranked N.C. State. How do you think their fans must feel today knowing that they have the #1 recruiting class on the floor?

Teresa Halminton said...

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