Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday picks

Just when I got things back to .500, the picks fell apart last week. I'm running out of time to get it better. Let's hope this week is the bounce back.

Picks in bold

UConn+5.5 at Cincinnati

Florida State-5 at Florida

Indiana+3 at Purdue

Georgia-11.5 at Georgia Tech

North Texas-11 at Rice

Southern Miss+3 at Marshall

UNLV+3 at Nevada

Alabama-5 at Auburn

Iowa State+3 at Kansas State

Vanderbilt+1 at Tennessee

Last week I went 2-8. For the season I am 55-61-3.


JBQ said...

Alabama at Auburn should really be a good game with possibly Auburn willing the Iron Bowl.

John said...

Just finished a round of golf on a beautiful day in time to notice that Miami is losing at PITT.

Go BC and take nothing for granted.

Addazio and his coaches better have the team prepared.

John said...

I never thought that Miami was a Top 10 Team, nevermind a College Football Playoff team.

One thing is for sure - they suck today. They believed their own hype, and showed themselves to be complete fools at Pittsburgh.

Their body language gave them away in the second half.

They stink!

John said...

Need Clemson to win tomorrow and next Saturday to keep the ACC in the Playoff.

Miami had a great run, but they weren't a Top 4 team as evidenced by their performance today

Hats off to Pittsburgh - a team that can beat highly ranked teams and get steamrolled by mediocre teams.