Tuesday, November 07, 2017

How did BC use the bye week to boost recruiting

Coaches will often say a bye week is as important for recruiting as it is for current player recuperation. Because of the time off, more assistants can hit the road and some of the time usually dedicated to film study can be used to study recruits.

Based on twitter, you can see which prospects got visits and offers last week. There is no real pattern as we have West coast and East coast, recruits for the current class and those who are years away. Take a look:

2019 California Linebacker Spencer Lytle got an offer last week. BC first spotted him at a UCLA camp last summer. He is family friends with Matt Milano, so that certainly helps a defensive recruit see how a player can blossom at BC.

Ron Dayne's son Javian also got an offer last week. He is a prospect for the current recruiting class. It is surprising that a kid in Big Ten country whose dad won the Heisman wouldn't generate more interest.

Rakim Jarrett is a DC-area recruit from the 2020 class. Althought he is two years away, he already has interest from a ton of schools. It will be interesting if BC stays on his radar.

Jordon Morant is another 2020 prospect. I feel a little better about BC keeping in touch with him since we've worked Bergan Catholic hard lately and he will have teammates on campus soon.

Mekhail Sherman is also 2020. I don't know which side of the ball BC is recruiting him. Based on his own profiles, it looks like he expects to play D.

BC is also offering class of 2021 kids -- current high school freshmen.


Unknown said...

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It is devoted to Luke Kuechly

dixieagle said...

I'd love to hear that BC sent a recruiter down here to check out athletes from McGill-Toolen Catholic H.S. They were state champs in '15, state runners-up last year, 10-0 so far this year in the toughest division in Alabama. A number of grads have gone to BC, but I've never heard of recruiters taking a look. I know BC recruits in Georgia, so this would be easy. Quality kids who've been well coached ... it would seem McT is worth a look. There are also a couple other outstanding local programs with kids who might be well-disposed to a northeastern school with a great academic rep. Come on down!!!

dixieagle said...

Will have to take a look, Anne Marie. Thanks.

John said...

Dixie - it's a no-brainer for us to visit McGill-Toolen Catholic on recruiting trips.

If you don't ask, you don't "git"!

Mobile is about 330 miles from Atlanta, but an hour and 15 minute flight.

Reach out by phone, FaceTime, whatever - and then invest in the visit(s).

Go BC. "Go forward and spread the faith."