Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Basketball shakes off slow start against Columbia

Taking on an Ivy League team after knocking off Duke is always going to lead to an emotional letdown. However, the predictable aspect of BC's start didn't make it any less frustrating. But after things settled, BC went on long runs to end the first half and start the second half in their win over Columbia.

There were some good things. BC shot well from the FT line and from 3. Popovic put together a solid second half.

BC is off until playing Central Connecticut this weekend.


John said...

What worries me is probably what worries everyone - we need 35+ minutes from our starters every single game.

Thank goodness for TV time outs and the many TO's allotted in college basketball.

But hopefully our guys won't get worn out. And we can't afford one more injury.


downtown_resident said...

Yes, BC just about used a five-man rotation in this one. That was a very scary moment when Bowman left the game, particularly given Wilson's struggles when he came in and throughout this season.

Deacon Drake said...

This team is going to pick its battles. The let down game against Columbia was a foregone conclusion, and we would have lost that game in any of the past 5 seasons. The top level talent is better, they have been playing together now for a couple seasons and some of these guys remember 0-18 and how easy it is to end up there.

6-12 is a likely outcome (KenPom backs me up), but a lot of luck would be required to exceed that. Not that I advocate tanking games, but road matchups @UNC, @UVA, and @Cuse are very unlikely going in our favor regardless of how well the team plays, breaks in our favor, etc. Our young interior guys get beat up and there is no one to come off the bench. Rather than have them get banged up, exposed, confidence lost, protect them in those games and double down on the home games and winnable road games. The last 5 games are going to be brutal.

knucklehead said...

Christian is letting the players play the way they want to. On offense they are running and shooting as they see fit. That is important for two reasons: 1)it keeps the players he has been able to retain happy and 2)recruits get the idea that they are not going to be micromanaged by the coach(the way they are at other programs:Duke, MSU, Kansas). Lucky for Christian it has been successful to this point. We will see going forward. Point being, they at not going to pick their battles. They are going to play as they see fit on offense. Which has been all-out to this point. Don't see it changing because they are playing Virginia or Syracuse. The fear factor is gone. Wide open play is it.

Edward Griffith said...

Turn the young interior guys over to Danya and he will toughen them up. Danya Abrams as a
tough guy star is well qualified to do the job if CHRISTIAN gives him the oppurtunity.