Thursday, January 25, 2018

Addressing the coaching rumors

Now that head coaches are set, the staff's version of musical chairs begins. BC is in the mix.

Patricia was a grad assistant at Syracuse, so they do have a previous relationship. But as I said on Twitter, I don't see it happening. Pasqualoni left the NFL to come to BC for very specific reasons. Part of it was Addazio, part of it was to be in the college game and part was to be near his family in Connecticut (they have not moved after UConn). I also know the family planned for his current high school senior son to attend BC and be involved in the football team. Is he willing to give that up to go help Patricia in Detroit? Maybe. It would be more money. But the guy is nearing 70. I don't know if money is the main drive to keep doing this. I would be surprised if he passes up the connection with his son. But I don't know the guy personally.

The other rumor is Minnesota making a run at Anthony Campanile. This is another one that would surprise me. Depending on the position Minnesota offers, it might be more money. But I think it would be harder to recruit New Jersey kids to Minnesota than it is to BC. Perhaps the gossip gets him a raise to stay in Boston.


Kash86 said...

I heard another rumor regarding Camp that is more troubling, that being that tOSU is starting to sniff around. Urban lost his DB coach to Vrabel/Tennessee recently

eagle1331 said...

Losing Camp would be devastating. He's the only thing this coaching staff has going for it since Al left.

knucklehead said...

Whatever Urban, the douche, wants Urban gets. Dazzler isn't going to stand in his way.

knucklehead said...

Someone needs to start thinking ahead
For all the flaming idiots and me first idiots here that means have some fucking forethought. What do you want the next headcoach coach to be and does someone like Campinale fit what you are looking for. Age, background, family ties and success lead me to believe he would be very good for BC and BC would be good for him. Unfortunately, as I have said before Leahy wanted Dazzler to be the HC and nothing but abject failure for consecutive seasons or Dazzler quiting is going result in an HC change. So the leadership is reactionary and people of Campinale and the kid who stood up for Kiwanuka's quality are allowed to leave.

JBQ said...

@knucklehead: Good point. Maybe, Campinale can be talked into staying with the understanding that he steps into the head coach shoes after next season. With the schedule for next year, there is no way that the Dazzler will survive putting his foot in his mouth. They will be 6-6 and if AB doesn't come back, they will be 4-8.---Dillon is fantastic. However, they will face 9 man lines. Perry doesn't have the experience. I don't know about his talent.---This "hand it off and a cloud of dust" is way beyond old. That is why he was encouraged to leave Temple. He got his three year extension on the back of Andre Williams.---White is a very good receiver but he has to have someone throw him the ball. Sweeney is way overrated and has bad hands. It might make some sense to recruit some quick receivers.---The offensive line is jelling. The defense looks good. It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is and what is the quarterback situation. That is critical and no info is being released on AB.

Guido said...

Knucklehead - you mentioned that Addazio would not stand in the way of Myer recruiting Campanile. Addazio COULD NOT stand in Myer's way - If Urban wants Campanile , he could give a S---t about Addazio !!! My next comment relates to Anthony Brown - how is the progress on his injury ??? Is Addazio trying to imitate Belichick ??? PLEASE - fans who go to the games and support BC should be given the courtesy of a progress report . If Brown is fully recovered by next year , I believe that BC will have a very good year - probably 8 wins - without him , it will be TOTALLY different.Unless Anthony Brown does not want his progress reported ,then the silence is FOOLISH !!! Nuff Said !!!

knucklehead said...

If anyone cared about Dazzler it would be Urban Meyer.

Edward Griffith said...

Pay Campanile to Keep him. Bates and Leahy threw 2.5 million down the toilet for
RUBBISH DAZZLE_NOT if we don't want to re-enter the sewer again the assistants must be paid
well to keep them. How about we give Dazzler free of charge to Urban.

mod34b said...

blog talk: let's make Camp head coach before he gets away. Let's make him the youngest head coach in the ACC, and youngest in P5. All based on what exactly? a knuckle-hunch.

Camp has never been a head coach. Camp has never been a NCAA coordinator. Been coaching at college for 5 years. Had 2 good years at BC and some mush years at Rutgers.

Let's aim higher than Camp.

Camp Resume

2005: Rutgers, Student Assistant

2006: Fair Lawn High School, Assistant

2007-09: Don Bosco Prep, Linebackers

2010-11: Don Bosco Prep, Offensive Coordinator

2012: Rutgers, Defensive Assistant

2013-14: Rutgers, Tight Ends

2015: Rutgers, Wide Receivers

2016-present: Boston College, Defensive Backs

Knucklehead said...

Another sad, passive aggressive post from the grim reaper.

Another example of reading comprehension deficiencies from the grim reaper

Another critique with no substance other than a copy and paste of, from the grim reaper.

Reaper, I have asked this before however, what I got was a list of people that bleacher report said were available. Who do you recommend as a future head coaching target or an immediate replacement for your hated Dazzler? Don't use google. Try an original thought.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

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TGS said...

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Knucklehead said...

Mod, I am going to state the obvious for you. It is clearly displayed above. You took a swipe at me, again. Then you buried in your insanity that I am a bully. You need to try and grow up.

TGS, You contribute nothing and have no sports knowledge. Think up something for yourself or ask your "son" to draw something up for you. Your "son" chose not to go to BC because the tour guide had purple hair. Priceless.

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mod34b said...

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knucklehead said...

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mod34b said...

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Knucklehead said...

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mod34b said...

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knucklehead said...

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mod34b said...

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Unknown said...

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