Sunday, January 21, 2018

Familiar second half struggles in loss to Louisville

There were times in the first half when I felt that BC might pull away from Louisville. The Cards had a long scoreless streak and Robinson was looking great any time he drove to the basket. But Louisville kept it close and took a slight lead at Half. Then they pulled away in the second half as BC could not answer enough Cards' baskets. BC made a run late, but it wasn't enough as they lost to Louisville 77-69.

As I mentioned above, Robinson looked great. Bowman and Chatman were not as great. They got their points but made plenty of mistakes (especially Bowman's painful turnovers). Kraljevic put in some decent time off the bench. Baker got some minutes when Robinson got dinged up and was ok. I don't expect -- or think -- Christian to expand his rotation dramatically, but some of the young guys do deserve the occasional chance to show what they can or cannot do.

The team is back at it again on Wednesday against Syracuse.


Edward Griffith said...

Great effort by Jim and kids against maybe the most corrupt program in NCAA.
Play Cuse tough and then beat Ga Tech and Va. Tech at Conte to even ACC record at 5-5.
Jim one more great recruit for 18-19 !!!!!

John said...

I really admire theses guys for playing as hard as possible every game.

It's especially tough with a thin squad.

It seems as though all 5 starters must score in double figures every game. This team will be something when their bench strength increases.

Tim said...

11-1 at home
2-6 away from Conte

knucklehead said...

We should have beat Clemson. Clemson ND was a slog. We have the ability to beat ND. Really should be 12-0. If we beat Syracuse we are legit and are on the bubble for the NCAA's.

JBQ said...

Not enough depth but the team has made great strides. With his back to the wall, Hans "Christian" Anderson has come out fighting. Bowman is pretty good but he can't carry the team on his back.

Unknown said...

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Deacon Drake said...

Bowman was really bothered by the length of Louisville. Guys could not generate the same open looks found against Duke, FSU, UVA. Louisville was able to run its line changes on BC's 5 and not miss a beat. Lack of depth allowed Louisville to hold on long enough.

Objectively, BC isn't even on the bubble. The ACC is just plodding along with BC in the 60-70 range with after thoughts like Oregon, Utah, Old Dominion and Minnesota (well behind Syracuse and VaTech, who have work to do). BC needs to really just get better and deeper with each possession, TV timeout, and game... that has happened with pretty much every game, to include the UNC debacle. From the players perspective, you want to be in the best position to make a run in the ACC tourney.

From a fan or Selection committee perspective, Syracuse game means a lot because first, you steal a quality road win... BC doesn't have any of those. Next, you beat the Orange and fuck those cheaters. Finally, getting into a position to sweep Cuse at home provides momentum and head to head superiority that cannot be found on the Non-conf schedule. Seriously: sweep Cuse, sweep ND (or if that doesn't happen, go for broke in Tallahassee), defend the home floor, and BC gets to .500 in the ACC and things get more interesting.