Saturday, January 27, 2018

Katie Burt breaks NCAA record

The BC Women beat Providence again, but that wasn't the big story. It was Katie Burt. The win was her 115th and broke the NCAA wins record. After her shutout Friday, she is 4th on the NCAA all-time shutout list.

BC is now 17-1-3 in Hockey East play and locked up its 5th league title.


John said...

We are very proud and amazed at the accomplishments of this local gal.

Congratulations, Katie - "You the best!".

What a team we have and have had for a good while now!

Congratulations Boston College Women's Hockey.

Go get em!

dixieagle said...

Wow! Congrats to Katie. So impressive.

I wish I could occasionally see this amazing team plan on TV. At least we'll get to see 5 current and former Eagles in the Olympics.

Grant Salzano said...

All the home games are on ESPN3 -- hook that sucker up to a Chromecast and you have HD BC women's hockey every weekend!