Tuesday, February 06, 2018

BC wastes huge night from Robinson in loss to ND

The ACC Network crew made a big deal of Jim Christian treating February as a new month. BC had turned the page and was ready to take some steps forward. Jerome Robinson got the message. I don't know if others did. Robinson set an ACC season high with 46 points, but BC rarely threatened the Irish in a 96-85 loss. 

While Robinson was scoring at will with clutch 3s and drives, BC couldn't do much to stop Notre Dame. Once again the D was bad. ND made 16 of their 29 three-point attempts and made TJ Gibbs look like a superstar. 

Popovic was not feeling well, so Reyes got more time and was okay. Bowman and Chatman didn't come close to matching Robinson and had off nights. 

BC gets a chance to get February back on track against Miami this weekend.


Shabby1011 said...

Robinson incredible performance and continues to have a 1st Team All ACC season.

Defense is not good, 3 guards are limited as to how aggressive they can be as they have to stay out of foul trouble and play 40 minutes. The backline of defense is made up of freshman and sophomores who are limited athletically, not a good combo.

ND is not a good team and BC could have easily won with a better defensive effort. It was reminiscent of Patriots defensive performance on Sunday, not good in any capacity.

BC has 3 games it can win, @Pitt, ND at home and Cuse at home. Has to win all 3. Gets them 1 road win and 7 ACC wins (17 overall). With Hawkins injury that is a successful season, gets them in NIT and possibly a home game. Disappointing in the sense that if Hawkins was healthy, BC is a NCAA tournament team and Robinson is more celebrating nationally. However it is a step in right direction and progress. They have to avoid bottoming out in February.

Edward Griffith said...

ND at Conte ,Pitt away ,BAST Boheim at Conte are all must for making tourney.
Guido is so right AB is key to a great season otherwise it is a Rolls Royce and no engine.
DAZZLE-NOT has shown a talent for being unable to recruit and develop QBs.
Tyler Murphy was a great running QB for an exciting year but had passing problems.
D-N never bothered to have Doug Flutie work with him. Just plain ignorant.

Deacon Drake said...

Even winning out leaves us in shaky ground for the tourney at-large, but would include a road win at FSU.

One game at a time and improve. If you'd have told me in October Hawkins was going down and Christian was riding Bowman/Robinson to the NIT, I'd have kicked you in the sack for trying to give me false hope... yet, here we are, lamenting how a road loss to a team that was a darkhorse to win the whole conference before their 3 best players got hurt probably spoiled an NCAA shot.

This is light years from Eli Carter jackin up bricks like he's trying to hide from the Big Bad Wolf...

CT said...

All day down here in ATL, sports talk radio has been mostly about National Signing Day Part II.

It helps that UGA just blew everyone away (they even flipped Michigan’s #1 recruit, who was a LB for Don Brown, and who immediately became UGA’s 12th highest rated recruit).

What’s it like up north? Non-stop college football talk, I bet. Just hours and hours of...ok, forget it, I tried.

bceagle91 said...

CT, ESPN ranked our recruiting class 14th in the ACC. I'm sure in SEC country, it's all about recruiting. And in Georgia, the Bulldogs killed it. Up here, well we just had Truck Day so spring training is almost upon us. And the news is all about the weather today. We had a winter storm. In February. Go figure.

knucklehead said...

Team is a tease. Called it after the Syracuse game. ND is not good. We got smoked.

mod34b said...

There is a lot more going on today than football. All football all the time must be a southern thing

Bc is last in ACC recruiting. I would have hoped they got a bounce from last season. That is too bad

Instead of football consider all these other things celebrated today. (And this is half the list)?

“e” day (e = 2.718 so today is really the right day for “e”)

National Fettucine Alfredo Day. Yum

National wave all your fingers at a neighbor day (Not give the finger day Knucklehead)

National Girls and Women in Sports Day This one should not fly under the radar.

National Periodic Table Day. (I know you like chemistry Feirgia Eagle)

Lots going on

mod34b said...

Oops. Darn Siri. - Georgia Eagle. Obvi