Friday, February 02, 2018

LaVar Ball circus crosses path with Jairus Hamilton

I am not opposed to paying players. I also applaud attempts to improve the domestic minor leagues for basketball. I just don't trust LaVar Ball to pull it off. For example, he is now targeting high school prospects via unsolicited Twitter DMs to join his still non-existent league. And in the process of reaching out to BC commit Jairus Hamilton, he misspelled Hamilton's name. That probably didn't make Hamilton feel special. (At least Christian realized the way to recruit Hamilton was to give his brother a scholarship!)

It is a shame the LaVar Ball is such a huckster. A sports parent willing to challenge the status quo with regards to the media, college basketball, the shoe companies, and even the NBA could make a lasting impact. In the end I think all we are going to get are some awful shoes, a league that will never start and some third rate Facebook shows.

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