Thursday, February 08, 2018

Still no official word on Bill Sheridan

Early Wednesday, Football Scoop reported that BC would backfill Pasqualoni's open staff position with Detroit Lions assistant Bill Sheridan. Sheridan has spent more than a decade in the NFL, but prior to that was a college coach. He and Addazio worked together at Notre Dame. I thought that BC would make it all official after Signing Day, but nothing so far.

If Sheridan is the guy, it seems like a pretty good fit. Like Pasqualoni, he has an excellent reputation. He seemingly could slot into multiple staff roles on the D. What is unknown is his ability and willingness to recruit. I also don't know if he has the type of relationship with Addazio, where Addazio could look to him for advice and assistance.

Maybe things are not final and that is why BC is waiting. I am sure Addazio wants to lock something up soon, so that his staff is a full capacity for recruiting and Spring Ball.

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Edward Griffith said...

Just a week till PLAY BALL is uttered on the Left Coast to indicate start of BC Baseball
with Santa Clara (A Jesuit School. 3 others in WCC San Francisco , Loyola Marymount
each with good spring weather and Gonzaga) How about a Saturday DOUBLEHEADER.
Softball opening with 6 games in Texas. Baseball should consider for the future both
Dallas Baptist and Rice have great teams with consistent success in NCAA.
It would be great if Jim and kids could hang one on the U Saturday.
Disaster follows disaster with women's bb. Hope Jarmond can land Ivey (ND) or Ralph UCONN)