Sunday, April 08, 2018

Big weekend for BC Baseball and Softball

Brian Rapp and Thomas Lane combined for a one-hitter as BC beat Pitt on Sunday. Rapp started and didn't allow his first hit until the seventh. Lane closed it out. It was BC's second shutout of the season.

The Softball team remains hot as they won their 10th straight. It is Softball's longest winning streak since 1995.


Edward Griffith said...

The Ladies are doing great things "FOR BOSTON"
LAX smashed the Dukies and the Iron Lady ,Jessica Dreswick, swept the Wolfpack
in Raleigh. "For Here All Are One." Running winning bstreak to 10.
Baseball disappointing home series with Pitt losing 2 of 3. Great Last Game by
Brian Rapp.
Hope Jarmond soon has a dynamite women's bb coach lined up soon.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Ashley Obrest has done a solid job with the women's softball program over the last 7 years - a winning record both overall and in conference - and she seems to recruit well nationally.

Men's baseball under Gambino over the last eight years, on the other hand, has struggled mightily except in '16 - their one decent season. If you were Jarmond - what would you be thinking? Notwithstanding the inherent disadvantages for the program (weather, prior facilities, recruiting, etc.) - should we expect better than this over 8 years?

'18 - 10-19 (5-10)
'17 - 25-28 (11-19)
'16 - 35-22 (13-15)
'15 - 27-27 (10-19)
'14 - 22-33 (10-20)
'13 - 12-40 (4-25)
'12 - 22-33 (10-20)
'11 - 17-33 (7-22)
Total 160-216 (65-139)

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I can't recall the guys name but in '16 we had a new pitching coach who made a major difference and parlayed that season into a head coaching job at West Point. Pitching, overall, has been our achilles. We have usually had our share of decent hitters and an ability to score runs - but never enough to overcome bad pitching. This year seems to be following the same script - a lot of extra inning losses.

Unknown said...

Big weekend for baseball? They lost 2 of 3 and continue their dive to the bottom of the standings. I guess that's big.