Thursday, April 26, 2018

Harold Landry not selected in First Round

Harold Landry will be drafted high by an NFL team. Unfortunately it won't be in Round 1. That's disappointing for him (and his family and friends) but there is still plenty of opportunity ahead. Landry loses a bit of money going later, but I imagine teams will start jockeying and trading to get him in the second round.

How did this happen to a guy who at one point was listed as the best DE in the Draft? Obviously not playing most of 2017 raised a lot of red flags. As good as he was in 2016, teams don't know exactly what they are getting. With the first round, teams want sure things.

There was also some bad luck, where the teams that were supposedly interested went in another direction. The Lions went OLine, the Patriots went OL and RB, the Falcons grabbed a WR, the Dolphins went DB, and the 49ers went OL. None of the teams that "liked him" picked another DT or DE over him.

Mel Kiper has Landry as one of his best available still on the board. I don't think the wait will be long in the Second Round. I hope Landry has some patience and uses the snub as motivation.


John said...

Didn't the center from Arkansas get hurt this year with a high ankle sprain?

Good luck in the second round, Harold. The best players in the league didn't get drafted in Round One. Keep that in mind as you work your way into a good contract.

CT said...

There are only about 15 first round grade on players this yr. There are upwards of 40 for the second. Simply a value/numbers game, that’s why you see teams trading back to load up in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

mod34b said...
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NYCEagle said...

They kept saying he is viewed as a one trick pony and as a guy who doesn’t have any interest in doing anything besides rushing the passer. Sounds like some character flaws came out during the interview process. I love the kid but he was bad, and I mean BAD in rush defense. The Notre Dame game really exposed him

Knucklehead said...


I called this two weeks ago to the response of, why is are you low on Landry.

The revisionist history here is classic sheep mentality.

The kid is soft. You play through injuries in college to prove yourself to the NFL. That is Matt Ryan went #3 and why Andre Williams got drafted(after three half seasons because of injuries). Unless he is seriously injured. In that case he couldn't play.

Either way no surprise.

CT said...

You’re not drafting him to set the edge against the run. Only Chubb had that this year in the DE class. The two most important things an NFL team needs is a QB and someone who puts the QB on the ground.

Play through injury? His two biggest assets are his speed and bend-ability around the edge. Kind of hard to take advantage of that on one ankle. You think kids skipping all those bowl games hurts them, too? News flash. It doesn’t.

You knew he wasn’t a 1st rounder? What about two seasons ago? Top of 2nd round is vastly different (grade wise)? And QBs don’t jump ahead of more highly rated picks for that 5th yr option? Right. LOL. You two are classic. I’m sure your draft grade on him slots him high 2nd.

I get a perverse entertainment from reading anything you two brilliant minds write. If I can get through the bad grammar.

CT said...

But more importantly, Mod...on behalf of the entire BC Alumni community, I would like to offer a congratulations to you for your first “Fire Daz”- less post in four years. I do believe developments on the Korean Peninsula have inspired you.

Knucklehead said...

God, CT. You make no sense. "Kids" who skip the bowl games do so to avoid injury not because they have one.

Go back and read what I wrote 2 weeks ago.

The answers to all the questions are there.

If you can get past the bad grammar - you sound like you a bear hunter.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...

calling for the boycott a blog-poster . . . maybe if I get boycotted you will feel better about yourself. Lowlife.

Knucklehead said...

and get the spelling correct hypocrite, Knucklehead.

Tim said...

Landry selected 41st by Tennessee

JBQ said...

Isaac Yiadom at #99 for Denver.