Friday, May 04, 2018

Bowman not invited to NBA Combine

As we try to guess what will happen with Ky Bowman, the NBA has sent a pretty big signal that he is not likely to be drafted. He was not invited to the pre Draft combine. (Jerome Robinson was among the 69 invited.) If Bowman is a long shot to be drafted, coming back to BC makes much more sense.

With Robinson gone and some young talent coming in, Bowman will be the primary offense. He can show the NBA everything in his game and also prove that he can carry a team.

Bowman has until May 30 to make his decision.


Matt said...

Predraft workouts make sense but honestly even if Ky was a lock for the second round it wouldn’t make any sense to forego his time at BC. By playing 1-2 more years at BC he had a chance to shine and raise his NBA prospects.

Jerome I understand. I think he had something to gain by staying but if he’s first round it would have been tough to turn down. Wish him the best.

Bravesbill said...

Looks like he’s projected 40 according to ESPN. Went down quite a bit recently for whatever reason.

knucklehead said...

I don't see Jerome as being a sought after player by NBA teams as a whole. There are probably 2-3 teams picking late in the first round who expressed interest. Those teams can put him on the bench and develop him . . SA, Ok, Houston. He will sit for a few years before making any impact. Pure gamble on his part, no real affiliation with the school and good luck(literally).

Like I said 2 months ago someone should drop some levity on him, remind him of Olivier Hanlan. Complete self righteous bust. He isn't Reggie Jackson.

Someone watched Robinsons tape and dropped him - his production was speaking for itself prior.

bceagle91 said...

181 college players filed early for the draft (and 55 international players). That includes players like Bowman who filed without hiring an agent so they can pull back. There are 60 players who will be drafted and some of them will be (gasp!) seniors. I know there's the G-League and plenty of leagues overseas. I do wonder how many kids that declared early the last couple of years regretted it.

Geezer eagle said...

Nothing but hired-gun mercenaries. Do I blame the kids? Absolutely not. The system is corrupt.

Unknown said...

How come there is no mention of four former BC hockey players, namely Cam Atkinson, Brian Gibbons, Chris Kreider and Gaudreau, who are representing the US. IHL team that won vs. Denmark today 4-0 in Denmark. Yesterday Cam Anderson made two decisive goals for USA vs. team Canada to win the game. Wow!

Geezer eagle said...

Good point. ATL is obsessed with a crappy basketball team and could care less about hockey.

Edward Griffith said...

Bowman back plus Deonate (???) and incoming frosh should be another very decent season.

Baseball raps up a gloomy season however looks like only 3 seniors on team.
Hope they go west again maybe Pepperdine and or San Diego or Loyola Marymount 4 games with each and a
stop on the way to Fla. in Dallas for 3 with Dallas Baptist.

Bravesbill said...

Yeah I can’t believe he already officially declared without being a solid first round pick. Very easily could drop to a second rounder and play in Europe for a while.