Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Thoughts on Media Day

BC posted a quick behind the scenes video, but there are full video below (with my thoughts).

By way of his promotion Campanile now gets direct media time. Nothing too revealing but he does talk about Hamp Cheevers progression and his expectations of his jump in play.

I always enjoy Jim Reid's media sessions because he's so passionate. Sometimes with older coaches you wonder how they connect with young players, but with Reid you can see how players would like him.

Loeffler got more time and most of it was spent on Brown's development. Loeffler comes off as knowledgeable and presentable but isn't as dynamic in front of the camera as the other Coordinators.

Addazio spoke for a long time. He seems pretty excited about his players and his team. He is saying the right things. The small -- but important thing to me -- was that Addazio had a shirt with the throwback logo! BC needs to make a logo switch!


Shabby1011 said...

Lead the charge ATL, bring back the old BC logo!!

Either bring it back, including the Maroon (not red) and Gold (not yellow) or at least let us buy it at the bookstore/Alummi.

Who is in charge of marketing? Easy to make yourself look good and double apparel sales

BCAlum2000 said...

Love Jim Reid. That dude is the prototypical football coach ... especially defensive coordinator.

Edward Griffith said...

Love Jim Reid . If we want to keep him we must pay him very well . Excluding Clemson ,
Fla State and Miami his salary must equal rest of ACC plus 10-15 %.

BC 86 said...

GO BC, can't wait for game day. If goes as expected in first two games, doubt Dillon would be still running much in second half to gain so many yards as mentioned in previous posts. Wake is time to ground, then should be fun to watch from then on. It is time for BC !