Sunday, December 30, 2018

Addazio does well in Film Room again

As Alabama pulled away early in the first half, I tended to switch from the primary broadcast to ESPN's Coaches Film Room, which included Steve Addazio. However, as Oklahoma made it interesting, I kept it on the Film Room because I found it more more compelling, in part because of Addazio.

While Addazio does come off well in these things, he wasn't the star Saturday night. That was Herm Edwards. The Arizona State coach served as the quasi-host but also has such a big personality that he dominated the game. Addazio picked his moments and once again explained line play well. I also feel like he had good chemistry with Edwards, so maybe we should schedule a game with Arizona State.

The biggest takeaway for me was Addazio was clearly the most conservative coach in the room. Whenever strategy came up (onsides, going for two, punting) he tended to take the conservative option. I hope these sorts of settings has him reevaluating his view.

I also found his longing for option play interesting. I don't think he is going to change the offense, but he did seem to want to work in some option concepts. And it is not a bad idea, as long as we can execute it well.

These sorts of opportunities for Addazio are not program changers. But it is good for him and BC to keep getting this sort of exposure. Clearly ESPN likes him because he keeps getting invited back.


CT said...

Conservative. No shit.

mod34b said...
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eagletix said...

Perhaps Addazio lecturing on line play is like a university professor lecturing on blue collar work....sounds very erudite, but he is incapable of translating into reality.

Kevin A said...

Why didn’t AJ get the surgery that healed Tua’s high ankle sprain?

Kevin A said...

2weeks . AJ struggled with his ankle for 3/4 of the season.

Geezer eagle said...

Eagletix, Ever see Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School? He made fools of the egghead college professors.

JBQ said...

The Dazzler is like the guy who beats his wife. To the rest of the world, he is an upstanding member of the community. To be sure, Daz is a very smart coach. It is just that he does not put it into practice.--- Edwards coached in the pros and has an offensive mind. The Dazsler has an offense which is surely offensive. He is a lot like the soccer football coach around the world who is afraid to lose and plays for a tie. They have the hope that they can counterattack and get a lucky goal.

Geezer eagle said...

Well put, JBQ.

TGS said...

Stat of the day:
Notre Dame in their last 6 BCS/New Years 6 bowl games (since 2000) has been outscored by a cumulative margin of 232-88.
Love it.

bceagle93 said...

9-4, 10-3 and 7-6 and Mark Richt retires because it is what in best interests for the program....hmmm....It was only the second time in his entire career where his team won less than 8 games. And he spent most of his career in the SEC....But we had Gameday on campus this year and our coach is on Film Room with Herm Edwards...


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Clemson and Alabama are in a league of their own right now in college football. As much as I cannot stand the over hyped Notre Dame nostalgia that gives them an edge in the football rankings they may not deserve - when you look at their school as a whole you have to admire them. Look at their outstanding academic rankings and every one of their athletic programs. Notre Dame is good to excellent in just about everything they do. And when they aren't - they take care of fixing it promptly. You cannot attribute that to just the "knute rockne" affect. The adults who have been running Notre Dame over the years (both academically and athletically) would probably run circles around their counterparts at BC. Imagine how we would have felt going 12-0 this year! Boston College would do well to admire their success, learn how to emulate it in their own way and try to be more like them in terms of athletic results and academic prowess. Notre Dame has 8,448 undergrads, ranked 18th academically, an endowment of $13.1 billion and a total cost of $69,395 per year. BC has 9,358 undergrads, ranked 38th academically, an endowment of $2.6 billion and a total cost of $70,588 per year.

Geezer eagle said...

Replace Dazoshit with Herm Edwards. What an improvement THAT would be.

bceagle93 said...

Major Applewhite fired at Houston after going 8-5. UH President has been quoted in past as saying “Winning is defined at the University of Houston as 10-2 ... We'll fire coaches at 8-4.”.....but at least our HC is known for his viral Vine videos...


Napolean Bonaparte said...

By point of comparison - Georgetown has 7636 undergrads, ranked 22nd academically, an endowment of nearly $1.7 billion and a total cost of $72,816 per year. We hear that BC wants to be Alabama on Saturday and Harvard on Monday. We should be striving to be the second most prestigious Catholic university in the country on Monday and Saturday until we pull even with Georgetown academically. That is an attainable goal with new leadership. Right now - we are likely considered by most as number 3. Then we can set our sights on the school in Indiana.

mod34b said...
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working rich said...

Every kid wants to go to BC.
have to be smart and food SATs.
A little bit pricey.
No kid who gets into Princeton is going to go to BC.
Just a level below
Your rant excludes the cost which is real and not just a number
But every kid at U Mass would rather be at BC.
I paid for and my kids went to Georgetown, BC, NYU, Harvard, and Georgia Tech.
Big bucks over many years.
No debt at graduation for any of them.
BC can finagle its ranking but they have to look in the mirror and admit that they are doing just that.

Geezer eagle said...

Wow. You need to be working rich and remain working until you're 90 to pay all those tuitions. Do your lucky children still live at home rent free? Lol

Edward Griffith said...

Some Jesuits are great builders : Ignatius Loyola , J Donald Monan who made BC into an
academic and was well into making BC an athletic powerhouse.
Some Jesuits are destroyers Father Le Shiavo University of San Francisco who destroyed
the USF men's basketball program in 1982. USF along with UCLA had dominated west coast
basketball 1945-1982. USF boosters were out of control but Le Shiavo over-reacted and imposed
a 3 year death penalty and the Dons are still struggling to comeback. Mark Few arrived at
Gonzaga in 1990 and USF has been playing catch up ever since.
We all well know the disaster Father Leahy has been to BC Football , bb mens and women
with Floppo and Bates horrors as his henchman.
Great article Sat NYT sports section on Traditions yield to financial reality concerning
the FAKE IRISH worth reading Dec 29,2018

CT said...

The methodology changed.

ND is a football fraud but I do agree with the overall sentiment. Good for them. Catholic education is a breed apart.

Knucklehead said...

The methodology changed for the entire survey. The Boston College ranking declined. Most others did not. How are they going to fix their business to improve the ranking?

As usual the refs gave Notre Dame calls to keep them in the game. The video review overturned them. Notre Dame got what it deserved against Clemson.

Unknown said...

Most other fan bases wouldn't look at this as good exposure. They would look at it as:

My coach is on tv now hosting a show during the playoffs and not coaching in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, for fans like ATL, hosting Gameday and your coach being on ESPN as an analyst during the playoffs are signs of success. Very sad.