Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sloppy win at Depaul

The Basketball team won a tight game on the road with some good game management decisions. So that's good. But it was not a fun game to watch as the team was really sloppy on both ends and would have bean beaten by any team playing slightly better than Depaul did Saturday.

BC was forced to play catch up most of the game because the offense started so cold and disjointed in the first half. I don't know if they are encouraging aggressiveness or everyone has the green light, but there were lots of bad basketball shots. Guys shooting when we don't have numbers. Guys forcing bad shots. Guys not finding the open man. Guys not reacting off the rebound. I don't know if the players are sleep walking or just not getting coached up on the seemingly simple details. 

On D, it was also frustrating to watch. They used zone again -- which I am in favor of -- but it wasn't good for long stretches. Depaul slowed in the second half, but we need better rebounding if we are going to keep using zone.

This is BC's last resume win. I hope Depaul goes on to have a great season, to help BC's cause. But I also don't know if this team can play smart and hungry during ACC play.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

I think DePaul is a pretty good team with good quickness. The worst part of the game was our offensive rebounding where we got beat to the ball too often or got the ball only to have it promptly taken away. I don't think our shot selection was all that bad - we were just stone cold as a team and nothing was going in. Maybe too many home games, adjusting to some travel and new rims. But the key was our resiliency in keeping it within reach most of the game (credit Popovic) and the ability of Mr. Tabbs to go after it in the waning minutes and win the game. DePaul should have won that game - but we hung in there and won. Some things to learn from and work on - but a net positive. We have a decent team that will take some lumps in ACC play - but as the competition improves - so will they.

working rich said...

The dunker on DePaul was impressive.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Good win . Merry Christmas to all.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch but a comeback win on the road is nice against a similar opponent. They need to go 10-8 in the ACC and win a couple ACC tournament games to get in the NCAA tournament. Assuming they beat Hartford next.

Not sure how feasible that is but based on the DePaul and Providence games the eastern euro forward needs to be healthy for them to have any chance at all.

Bowman is a complete disappointment.

The Tall One said...

Urban Meyer is becoming the "assistant" AD at Ohio State.

Which means - good luck to Jarmond. Unless Meyer somehow gets caught up in a scandal down the road about something that happened during his tenure as a football coach (possible), then Jarmond probably isn't getting that job.

JBQ said...

@Tall One: The jury is still out on whether Jarmond will do enough to stay at BC. Early returns say that "the schedule maker" for Ohio St. is dreaming way out of his league to be a future A.D. at Ohio St. Without a doubt, the ethnic connection to the president of Ohio St. has a lot to do with his so far unrealistic self assessment.--- Obviously, he needs to "step it up". So far, he has been a major disappointment. His cheer leading skills are evident. However, his administrative skills are suspect.----Jill Hegarty is running the department just as she did working for Brad Bates who was never there. Let's face it, the typical AD does nothing more than shuffle paperwork handed to him by faithful employees such as Hegarty. It is in the area of decision making that any "general" makes his mark. So far, there has been no evidence of any "general" characteristics on the part of our erstwhile leader who was hand picked by a socialist Jesuit president.

The Tall One said...

Agreed 100% about Jill Hegarty both under BB and now MD.

I think MD's "legacy" if you will - will be seeing the field house built, the expansion to Brighton, and this new $150M campaign.

And while that will help with recruiting, as Parcells would say, you are what your record says you are. And next year's record will at best be the same that it was this year. The three non-conference opponents are on average tougher next year. It will be the failure to improve upon that record or take decisive steps to significantly improve the "stature" of the football team that will harm his reputation in the long run.

As far as I have been able to gather - ADs need to fundraise and put in place coaches/program leaders. We will see what happens with the fundraising. Right now, it looks like he is struggling with respect to the coaches part between the extension to Addazio and the women's soccer coach resigning.

Perhaps he is caught because the trustees don't want to pay for Addazio's buyout? Who knows. But if we go 7-5 next year or worse, and Addazio keeps his job even after that, I will cancel my season tickets and my parking spot donation.

Geezer eagle said...

If Dazoshit couldn't win eight regular season games with this team what do you think he will do next year with all new de/ol lines and a QB that can't pass and won't run?

ccw said...

Lame comment that it was an ugly game to watch. DePaul was a 4.5 pt favorite. We came back and won with good defense. Guy doesn’t know squat about college basketball.

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