Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Throwback: Mele Kalikimaka

On this day in 1994, we played Kansas State in the Aloha Bowl.

On this day in 2000, we played Arizona State in the Aloha Bowl.

We won both games. I liked watching BC Football on Christmas. I never went to the games in Hawaii but I liked the idea of one day going to Hawaii to watch BC Football. Maybe one day.


Eagle Esquire said...

Thanks Atl. Definitely going to watch the game versus Arizona State. I remember tuning into that one as a kid. Music City bowl was another good one. Just please don’t post the insight bowl, haha

Geezer eagle said...

Watching as a kid? Do you dudes even shave?

Eagle Esquire said...

I’m guessing you weren’t a math major

Geezer eagle said...

No, but if you were a kid in 2000 you are still a "kid" to me. Recognize sarcastic humor, Esquire.

dixieagle said...

The Music City Bowl in 2001 was a good one; loved beating Georgia! William Green won it with a late TD and the defense hung on.

JBQ said...

1994: Really fun game. Mike Mamula had four sacks against a very good K St. squad. Kenyatta Watson was a very good fast wide receiver. David Gordon was still the hero from 1993. Willaim Green with his power and Stephen Boyd of Detroit Lion fame were also instrumental. This was an exciting team with an average quarterback in Hartsell. Compare this fast pace to the "snooze alarm" offense that we have now. The Dazzler needs to open up the play book. He won't do it and boredom and mediocrity marches on.

Eagle Esquire said...

Yeah, I’m working on that, haha.

always sunny in cleveland said...

As was the case in the Notre Dame game early in that season, the BC defense beat the hell out of K State that day.

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