Friday, December 28, 2018

Verizon and ESPN battling over ACC Network

Multiple outlets are reporting on Disney's showdown with Verizon's Fios system, as the two sides can't agree on a new price for the Disney family of networks. The main point of contention is ESPN's new ACC Network. If the sides cannot agree, all Disney networks might be taken off the Verizon system. Most of you are probably saying "who cares?" but Fios' four million subscribers are mostly in the northeast corridor and include plenty of BC alumni.

These games of chicken happen nearly every time a college network rolls out. The Big Ten dealt with it (and eventually won). The Pac 12 dealt with it and is sort of losing, as they still are not on Directv and several west coast outlets. I think ESPN will probably win this battle as unlike the Big Ten and Pac 12, they have very powerful leverage with the ESPN Networks as well as the Disney channels. Plus Verizon has multiple rivals who will gladly use this to get people to switch providers.

The ACC Network doesn't officially launch until next football season, so there will plenty of work arounds established if the two sides never reach agreement.


mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...


Big Jack Krack said...

Yes, yawn.

rcmbc81 said...

ESPN will "win?" If you mean Verizon will eventually pay, yes, agree, but that is a foregone conclusion. Fact is, this is all about leverage and negotiating - Verizon will pay, but they'll pay less than the original demand. Thus, neither should be said to have "won."

Big Jack Krack said...

Am I the only one who thinks Notre Dame has a good chance today?

Bravesbill said...

To cover? They should.

Edward Griffith said...

Coach Mac and ladies roll into conference play impressively .
A couple of games over 500 should get them into NCAA tourney . Seems to be the making of
someone who can make the ECHOES RING "FOR BOSTON " for the next quarter century plus.
She must be KEPT on "The Heights" whatever the costs.
ND-CLEMSON Can they both lose?
At least the FAKE Irish are an academic powerhouse.

Big Jack Krack said...

We may never beat Clemson again in my lifetime.

As usual, ND is the fraud of the Top 4. They were completely outclassed at the end of the half - an 85 yard scoring drive (that was bad enough) but giving up another TD with 48 seconds to go was funny.

Clemson got 2 TDs against BC, 3 against ND in the first half.

If Clemson scores on the first drive of the 3rd quarter, the blowout is on!

Edmonds 632 said...

Goodnight, Notre Dame.

CT said...

ND is minor league. Always amd forever.

TGS said...

I’ve despised ND since the Liberty Bowl drop by Scott Geiselman in 83 and the infamous fake punt by Holtz in 92, but if they are minor league, what is BC?

Big Jack Krack said...

Quite disappointing, but the weather (temperature and wind chill) was brutal.

My memory is that Flutie hit the kid right in the numbers.

I think it was the beginning of my hatred as well.

Pipsqueek Holtz didn't realize that pissing off Tom Coughlin was a bad thing.

And we beat the little sh!t in Chestnut Hill in 94 after Coughlin left.

They are big league, but their rankings are the fruit of public relations.

I would have loved to see Georgia against Clemson. ND's second half was like BC with EJ Perry playing his first game.

Lenny Sienko said...

It was weird to watch the playoff games on Direct TV with Sportsmix on channel 205. This was the deal where each of six channels has a different view or feature of the game. One of the channels was ESPN News with DAZ as one of four coaches commenting on the games. Herm Edwards and Johnson, the former G. Tech coach were two more. I can't recall the 4th guy.

They had a clicker which allowed them to rewind the action, which they did to analyze what had happened. If you didn't know it was DAZ, you'd have thought he was knowledgeable and personable. Its easy to see how he managed to convince FR. Leahy to hire him. DAZ is the ultimate used car salesman. Its impossible to fathom that DAZ could sit there and calmly comment that what was needed next was a play action pass because Clemson had 8 plus in the box. DAZ talks a great game. His vocation is to be on ESPN....not coaching BC to more mediocrity. Whats really crazy is his analysis wasn't bad; but knowing DAZ is the ultimate "Do as i say, not as I do".

BTW I predict that DAZ will be mainly known for his time at BC as the coach who had a bowl game cancelled. This will be how he will be remembered.

CT said...

What is BC?


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