Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Media Day reactions

Addazio and his coordinators spoke with the media Tuesday. It was pretty standard preseason stuff without much true news. At this point we know Addazio, he knows the fans, he knows his team, his AD and the media. The college football world is not waiting on his media address in August, but I think he does use this to set expectations for the season. Now I am about to get into all sorts of speculative nonsense, but I think Addazio is a little worried about the season. He specifically avoided a win total discussion and only vaguely included competing for a division. That is understandable considering Clemson is in the division, but in prior years he was a bit bolder. He put a lot of emphasis on building a culture and not wanting to disrupt that culture and the recruiting hit you take when you do. That seems directed at his critics -- like me -- and potentially his AD. I think the timing of this is all off for him. Last year was supposed to be the year. This year seems harder, so just when he needs a breakthrough, he will have to scrape that much harder to maintain.

I do trust him on his evaluation and enthusiasm for the OLine. If this team does exceed expectations it will be because the OLine made things easier for Dillon.

Sheridan was low key. He seems to like his squad and is not worried about the transition from Jim Reid. He was much more frank about the youth and how they aren't ready. I guess he has a lot to do before VT.

Bajakian didn't offer much news either. He does seem to buy into what BC is and what Addazio is selling. I found his criticism of Brown's accuracy important. I think it is one of the issues to get AB to the next level, but I also think Brown needs to work on finding the best option and also his general awareness. Some of that will come with maturity, but most of that will have to be nurtured by Bajakian. 

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