Thursday, September 05, 2019

BC-Richmond preview

I don't look forward to any FCS games, but this one is scheduled pretty perfectly. Coming off of last week's win, BC is inevitably going to make mistakes and play with less intensity. Getting their easiest opponent should help soften the landing. I know there is always the fear of actually losing this type of game, but I think even if BC comes out flat, they have more than enough of a talent advantage to win.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Outside of actual games, I haven't watched a minute of the ACC Network. I know I am on the old end of their ideal demographic, but I know I am also 1. someone who has yet to cut the cord and pays for premium sports packages, 2. a fan of one of their less popular schools. There should be something that draws me in or gets on my radar. But nothing has yet. This week, BC doesn't even get the game on the actual network and is instead pushed back to streaming. Wasn't the network supposed to end the streaming problem?

Three Simple Keys
1. Intermediate passes. We know teams will sell out to stop the run. We know BC is now a deep passing threat. This week, BC needs to establish the short passing game. It will be good for Brown and for the Tight Ends.
2. Third and long D. BC could have put VT away at different times if they had just got them off the field. Don't let that same thing happen against Richmond.
3. Figure out the kicking. I don't think this game will be decided by 3 points. So use it as a chance to find out who -- if anyone -- can consistently make a field goal.

Gambling notes
-- Addazio has never lost to an FCS team
-- Since the DI split, BC has never lost to an FCS team
-- BC leads the series 4-1
The current line is BC-33.5

The schools have not played since 1971.

Scoreboard Watching
Texas A&M vs Clemson is probably the most important ACC game of the weekend. How good is Clemson and how does an early SEC game like this impact their and the ACC's playoff hopes? This won't impact BC's chances of winning the division, but it will provide some insight into how good the defending champs are.

I hope to see...
Extended time from Dennis Grosel. I've shared my fear about the backup QB situation. Hopefully this game will give BC plenty of snaps to see what these guys can do.

BC is in trouble if...
This game is close in the 4th quarter. That is how these games are lost. When the heavy favorite presses late and makes mistakes.

Bottom Line
BC is winning this game. The key is to get through it without issue or injury.
Final Score: BC 35, Richmond 10

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