Thursday, September 02, 2021

BC-Colgate preview

I don't know if things will ever get back to normal, but this weekend BC will play football in Alumni Stadium with real fans in the stands. It is only Colgate so the football will probably be sloppy and a little boring, but it will still be BC Football! As I've been writing all week, I think this could be a special season. So as uninteresting as a game against Colgate may be, this should be viewed as part of a larger story: the return to exciting BC Football where the whole College Football world pays attention.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) 
Fans return to Alumni this weekend and will find it...pretty much the same as they left. Alumni hasn't really changed much since the 1993-94 renovations. Athletics' infrastructure has focused on a variety of higher priority projects without really addressing our biggest asset. We've had concession, scoreboard and turf adjustments, but haven't really done anything for the majority of fans. As the fan experience changes across all sports and BC's demographics change, perhaps it is time to assess what Alumni should look like, how many seats are really needed and will major improvements to seats, restrooms and concessions improve attendance. I like a lot about Alumni and have many fond memories there. But I don't have to sit there seven weekends a year. The intimacy and the access are unbeatable, but maybe some modern comforts and bells and whistles are needed as the current iteration of the stadium heads nears its 30th birthday.

Three Simple Keys
1. Come out healthy. This game is a tune up. Nothing more. So the key is not to get anyone important hurt. Once we go up by 20, starters need to sit.
2. Rotate a lot on the front seven. The first two games of the season are critical to see what sort of talent and depth we have upfront. Get as many guys playing as possible and see who shows promise.
3. Save any wrinkles. This gameplan should be as basic as possible. Establish some basic tendencies, but save any tricks of counters for Temple and Missouri.

Gambling Notes
-- BC has never played Colgate
-- BC has won four straight season openers
-- Colgate has not beaten an FBS team since the DI split.
The current line is BC-46.5

We have played four of the seven Patriot League football teams. BC is yet to schedule Bucknell, Lafayette or Lehigh.

Scoreboard Watching
There are plenty of ACC teams playing in important games this weekend, but I don't think any are as meaningful as Clemson vs Georgia. Clemson will probably win the ACC again. However, to get national respect and attention, they need to beat UGA.

I hope to see...
Plenty of Grosel time. If we go up big early, Jurk will sit. 

BC is in trouble if...
75% of the team tests positive for COVID before game time. Other than that, this should be no big deal.

Bottom Line
Colgate is well coached and a good Patriot League program, but they are still overmatched in a big way. BC just needs to do its thing and not overthink this.
Final Score: BC 51, Colgate 14

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