Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Final rankings

The Final AP and Coaches Polls both ranked BC at #21. With a Top 25 ranking, two wins over ranked teams, a 9-3 record, a shared conference championship and a bowl victory, on paper this season would appear to be TOB's most impressive. But these accomplishments don't relieve the pain I feel from the narrow defeats against Pitt and Wake and the no show against Syracuse.

Plus I will be hearing about these accomplishments ad nauseam from BC PR machine for the next nine months.


Jay said...

What's next for ATL_Eagle, now that football season is over? I'd hope for some basketball reviews, as I have not had much luck following the team in the early season with i think 1 game on TV in the NY Metro area thus far, and we're now heading into our final big east season with a big game against UConn tonight!

ATL_eagle said...

You probably see more BC Hoops than I do. I opted not to get the gameplan package since I'll be in class most nights. I will make some hoops comments, but will fill the offseason with plenty of "think pieces" (heh). Readers can look forward to series on Mike and Mike (the beat writers), EagleAction, recruiting and more myths vs. reality. It'll be a busy offseason.