Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Mail time

Much to my surprise, I received email from a North Carolina fan before the game regarding my scouting report and then after regarding my assessment that the Heels are not well coached. With his permission, I am starting a mailbag using part of his second email.

“…can you really say that he was out coached? One fake kick broke our back. Before that the game was pretty even.”

I agree that the fake was the turning point. And by saying that Bunting is a bad coach, I don’t want to imply that TOB is Lombardi. But, before the kick Peterson was moving the ball…again. Bunting – a defensive guy – did not seem to be making adjustments to our above average O. BC is not Utah or Louisville. The 37 points was the highest scoring output of the year. Failing to adjust to our boot action was the most obvious lack of coaching.

The other was the dichotomy of second-half calls. We stubbornly stuck to the ground and really started to wear on your guys. Your offensive coaches turned away from the run when it had fair to good success in the first half. Also, Durant is a playmaker, but not a great passer. Instead of the mid-range throws (that he and your receivers had problems with), you should have tried more deep balls. You obviously scouted us well enough to know that it would work, yet only went deep a few times, even after scoring on a deep TD.

I am sure I’ll have more info on Bunting as our series continues. Thanks for the email. Any other readers can email me your comments and questions here.

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