Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Back to work

After a week off, BC returns to the court tonight to face Rutgers. The question is how will the team respond to their first loss of the season? Fortunately, Rutgers is reeling. They have lost 10 of their last 12, with one of those wins coming off of a questionable call in the Seton Hall game. However, Notre Dame provided a blueprint on how to play BC: 2-3 collapsing zone on Craig Smith and try to bury BC with 3s. This plays right to Rutgers’ strength as they live and die by their guard play. If Scarlet Knights are cold from the outside, BC runs away. It could also be close if Craig Smith is still off. I like our chances and expect the team to respond after suffering its first loss.

Other good news: Steve Hailey is back. Expanding back to an eight-man rotation should give the team some added freshness and takes some of the burden off of Louis Hinnant (who was great in the ND game).

Also, ACC commissioner John Swofford will be in attendance (nice to see him make the effort). I guess he also wanted to hear what the Red Sox had to say.

Finally, national coverage of BC football and basketball tends to fall into two angles: the little engine that could or the team that is not really that good/hasn’t played anyone. That is why I’ve become such an Andy Katz fan. He has been a huge Al Skinner supporter for many years and actually digs a little deeper and tries to take a different angle when writing about BC. Andy’s a Newton boy and his dad is on the faculty which somewhat explains his bias. But his positive news and notes are really refreshing. Take a look at No. 7.

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