Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Atlantic outlook; Parsing Porter

I came across two good links. First, the straight forward -- the Florida Times-Union preview of the Atlantic division. Surprisingly BC is predicted to finish second to FSU.

Then I came across this interview with Quinton Porter. Most of it is bland, but he did say this when talking about Peterson running Bible’s offense:

“…I was here with [Brian] St. Pierre who really ran things by the book. But, Paul comes in and all of a sudden he's just doing things and throwing routes that you would never dream of throwing in a certain play because Coach [Dana] Bible would not be happy. But, he made it work. So after watching him, I've learned how to just go out there and cut it loose and forget about the strict rigidity of an offense.”

Quotes like that will add fuel to the Bible-haters fire. I fear that the offense will be less dynamic next season. But as I wrote previously, the offense has been pretty stable (and frustrating) under Bible.


Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

Yes more fuel. The fire has been raging for years now. Bible needs to pick up an X-Box and see how children run offenses, because the man just doen't get it. Paul Pete was the man. eff bible, eff O'Brien. No wonder Stanford is a better school, they took a much shorter time to fire Bible. QP will take his ball and go home before daylight savings time ends. Bank on it. this time, he's got no shoulder in the form of UMaine to cry on. I expect a horrible campaign, and brace myself for the worst. God help us. God Help us all.

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