Monday, April 25, 2005

Comings and goings

Long weekend for Dave Kashetta and Tim Bulman. Neither were drafted. Fortunately they were both signed to free agent deals Sunday night. Tim with the Cardinals and Dave with the Redskins. Best of luck to both.

BC held its annual Spring Game over the weekend. Parsing through the reports, I am concerned about Quinton Porter. Rust is natural, but the picks worry me. Even though it was BC vs. BC, he should tear up these scrimmages. Matt Ryan was a little more accurate with fewer attempts. Knowing this staff I guarantee Porter will start this fall even if outplayed this summer. I also predict a return of the “first series of the second quarter” substitution pattern for Ryan. Mediocre play will not cost Porter his job. He’ll have to bomb to get the hook.

In hoops news, Steve Hailey and Gordon Watt announced their intentions to transfer. Both sited lack of playing time. Hailey had his moments, but I don’t think he’ll leave much of a void. Their departures are softened by the announcement that Tyrese Rice signed with BC. Welcome to the Heights, Tyrese.

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Jaime Lannister said...

Kashetta and Bulman both stink. Good riddance to those bums. Kashetta especially was a total disappointment during his tenure at the Heights. I'd love to put Kashetta, Crosson, Hinds, Derric Rossy (once the #9 DE prospect in the land) in a dumpster. They all stink.