Thursday, May 05, 2005

News, notes, spin, and my two cents

The ACC and Big East announced a settlement in the Big East’s lawsuit. This officially clears any final hurdles for BC joining the ACC.

What is interesting is that first report came out of Hartford (where the Connecticut AG -- who started the suit -- likes to grab headlines). Southern papers had a slightly different spin. Then the ACC came out with a rebuttal to the rumors. Spinning all around. What we do know is that the Big East settlement is $5 million or less. That won’t even cover the legal fees that the States Attorneys General have already accrued from Skadden Arps. So where is the big Big East victory? Maybe they saved some face publicly by getting a few ACC schools to agree to future dates. They have a loose hold on their BCS slot. And they were dumped by the Gator Bowl. The conference is in shambles. Thankfully, the mess is now behind BC.

The basketball team is getting a transfer. Tyrelle Blair had run of the mill numbers at Loyola, but should add some depth to the frontline once Smith leaves.

In other news, the Heights takes the lead over Eagle in Atlanta in the race to see who can show more love to Paul Peterson.

Finally, the AJC's Tony Barnhart wrote his ACC football spring recap.

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