Sunday, May 01, 2005

The week that was

With exams and a new job at work, I’ve been busy and haven't had time to post, so here are the BC sports tidbits from the past week.

First, earlier in the week, the BCS made some adjustments for Notre Dame and the Big East. The Big East will remain in the BCS for now. Notre Dame fans were upset over the reduction of Notre Dame’s upside in the BCS. I agree with the Irish fans. Why take the $1 million guarantee when the real money is in the $14+ million payout. Who knows how this BCS stuff is going to end?

While the Big East is still in the BCS, BC is free to leave its old conference. Final settlement was not disclosed.

Gene D. and TOB do not like the 12-game schedule. Expect home games with local DIAAs like Northeastern, UMass, Maine, URI, etc.

The Alchemist and many other fans were lived with the announcement that Quinton Porter won the starting job based on spring drills. This article was BC approved, so it didn’t say anything enlightening. However, this one ends with this telling quote “Quinton understands now that there's a performance clause in all of this. You still have to perform to keep your job. It's the same for everyone looking to win a starting job on this team." Like I’ve said earlier, TOB is big on seniority and loyalty. There was no way that Porter was not going to be named starter. But TOB also knows that the bar has been raised -- by the ACC move and by Peterson’s play. If Porter struggles I expect a quick hook.

Doug Flutie is back in New England. Paul Peterson is adjusting to Flutie’s old stomping grounds.

In hoops news, SI’s Seth Davis talks about the college 3-point line debate. Moving it back has to help a team like BC, which has trouble defending the 3 and doesn’t depend on it offensively.

Exams are over Wednesday, so look for my Spring recap later this week.

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