Sunday, July 03, 2005

"Bad boys, bad boys..."

Earlier in the week I wondered why the Globe wasn't writing more positive stories on BC. Well a few days later they come out with an expose on the travails of the basketball team. Fortunately it is a holiday weekend so this won't get too much coverage. I've already said that the Williams incident might be the tipping point. Most of this info was already out, but I did learn that DeJuan Tribble was with Sean the night of the bust. It was good to hear that Ryan Sidney had pulled his life together. I loved him as a player and just wish he kept his nose clean at BC.

None of this is funny, but I did laugh at the hit and run on Ted Kennedy's wife's car.

Here is their timeline on the recent problems.

In an attempt to add balance the Globe wrote about the football program keeping clean...except for that whole kidnapping thing.

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