Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy and sappy thoughts on the ACC

Just like I wanted to put the negativity of the Big East behind me, I will use this entry as one last chance to gush and thank those who contributed to BC’s move to the ACC (in his or her own little way). After this I am back to news and my marooned-colored glasses form of analysis. (Who am I kidding? I am sure I’ll gush about a player, team or moment here and there.)

As Gene DeFilippo said, this is probably the biggest moment in BC sports history. So I’ll start by thanking Gene. He is far from perfect, but his dedication, networking and politicing where the key to BC’s entry.

Thanks to John Swofford. While not totally what he envisioned, his bold moves created this new conference and for his selection of BC, I am grateful.

Thanks to the fans and adminstrators of Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Miami. Without their support BC could have been hung out to dry many times.

Thanks to all the coaches and athletes who have served Boston College in the last ten years. Without your success on the field of play, BC would not have been considered for this opportunity.

Thanks to all the great administrators and athletes (most notably Doug Flutie and Bill Flynn). The foundation you laid is the reason BC athletics have thrived in the past 20 years.

Thank you to Father Leahy. Many questioned your understanding and dedication to athletics when you arrived, but with this ordeal, you have proven your love of sport and the school.

Thank you to Father Monan. You saved and transformed BC many years ago.

Finally thanks to the Boston College alumni. Without our success, generousity, and spirit there is no BC. The life of a school is its students and alumni. The community we joined in our late teens is nothing without us. As the cheer says: “We are…BC!”

Ever to Excel


Steven said...

Hello and welcome.

I gotta admit I wasn't too keen on this expansion thing, but it's growing on me and there is no denying that Boston College is a great addition.

I'm looking forward to some trips to Beantown in the future.

Unknown said...

when does BC play GT?


ATL_eagle said...


BC doesn't play Tech until next season. BTW, I am also a dawg (currently getting my masters from UGA).

Unknown said...

Cool. UGA + BC. Not your normal combo. Good times.